Easy to service and easy to use

Easy to service and easy to use
The 4th generation T Series has been designed to be easy and inexpensive to maintain for both owners and service technicians. 
“We focused on serviceability using 3D images before the first prototype was even manufactured. Serviceability was a design priority from the start,” says Field Service Manager Jyrki Lampinen.

Special attention has been paid to easy everyday use and maintenance. For example, the fuel and AdBlue tanks can be filled up easily at chest level when standing beside the tractor. The radiator package also opens easily for cleaning. The hydraulic oil level may be checked through a sight glass in the side of the tank each time the driver climbs the steps into the cab. The transmission oil level may also be checked through a sight glass at the rear of the tractor. The dipstick for checking engine oil is located by the steps to the cab and easily reached.

“Other less regular maintenance jobs are also simple: All grease points are easily accessible though some still require climbing under the tractor. The battery is service-free. The engine air filter can be changed while standing beside the tractor, and the cab air filter can be changed by standing on the steps. Topping up engine oil, coolant and windshield washer fluid is also very easy,” Lampinen states.

Routine servicing by professionals ensures that the tractor is available when needed while also retaining the tractor’s resale value. This routine servicing, including adjusting engine valves, can now be performed more quickly than ever. Other professional servicing including changing the urea filter, has also been designed to be quick and easy, saving the customer both time and money. •

  •  600-hour service intervals
  •  The transmission and hydraulic oil levels can be checked through inspection site glasses
  •  The cab air filter is accessible from the steps with one hand
  •  The radiator can be opened easily for cleaning
  •  The tool box has plenty of room for carrying the owner’s own tools and items like a 10-litre bottle of AdBlue
  • The windshield washer fluid level is easy to check through the transparent container
  • Clean the engine air filter by hand, shaking it, and not with compressed air

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