Official Neste Rally Event at Valtra Factory July 27th

AKK Sports Oy / Mika Mäki
WRC Drivers Meet the Kids - Official Neste Rally Finland event at Valtra Factory in Suolahti
Schedule, Wednesday 27th of July

16:30 The Valtra rally train and Neste rally busses leave from the Jyväskylä Travel Centre.

16:30 Busses leave from Äänekoski Matkaholto (more specific bus schedules and routes:
17:30 Opening of the event (Jari Rautjärvi/Valtra, Jani Backman/Neste Ralli, Sirpa Tuomi/Neste)
17:35 JYP vs. fans –ice puck sneaker matches begin, player interviews
18:15 Neste Rally on the 0-car track on the Safe Road campaign theme
18:20 Tractor competition “Farmer Joes against world cup drivers”
18:30 Tractor competition preliminary rounds (10 best drivers)
19:00 Tractor competition finale (2 best drivers)
19:10 Distribution of tractor competition prizes (3 best drivers)
19:25 Flying Finn 100 –demonstration drive of go-carts
20:00 End of the event

20:30 Rally train and busses leave for Jyväskylä and Äänekoski

Images: AKK Sports Oy / Mika Mäki

AKK Sports Oy / Mika Mäki

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