Parts Books to Go app for your phone

The Parts Books to Go app makes it easy to access Valtra’s spare parts books on your mobile device. You can find spare parts numbers easily using the search engine, browsing lists or viewing photos.
Get parts numbers on your mobile device!
“I have an 8450 from the ‘90s and something square-shaped has broken on the left side of the engine. It’s attached by four bolts, maybe 14 mm bolts. Do you have that kind of part?”

Every parts salesperson and many customers too are familiar with the situation in which a part is needed for a tractor but the number for that part is missing. It’s hard to describe parts over the phone or standing at the counter. Even if our parts salespersons are whizzes at finding the right components, it is always much simpler if you know the part number.

“Parts Books to Go is an app for Apple and Android devices that makes it easy to browse parts books. By zooming in on the drawings it’s easy to find parts and their numbers,” explains Jari Luoma-aho, Marketing Manager for Spare Parts at Valtra.

The Parts Books to Go app can be downloaded free of charge from the Apple and Android app stores. The app has 14 language options, and it also works offline if you download the parts book to your phone or tablet and are signed on to the app. The app covers almost all Valtra tractor models.

“You can find parts by using the search engine, browsing lists or viewing pics. You can also zoom into the pics and click on them to get the parts number. You can them add the parts you need to your shopping basket, which you can then send to the e-mail address of your choice – for example to your local parts dealer. You cannot, however, order parts or pay for them using the app itself,” Jari adds.

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