Valtra expands its range of cabs

Valtra expands its range of cabs
The new SkyView cab on N and T Series tractors is ideal for forestry use and also many other tasks. The SkyView cab features polycarbonate glass and a wiper to the rear of the roof. A metal railing protects the roof edges from branches and serves as a mounting rail for auxiliary lights, and other equipment. Valtra’s forest cabs are often specified together with the TwinTrac reverse-drive system.
1. The new SkyView cab has a panoramic roof 

2. Heated front and rear screens and mirrors

3. Shock-resistant polycarbonate glass and wiper

4. TwinTrac reverse-drive system

5. The metal railing protects the roof from branches and can be used to mount auxiliary lights

Valtra now offers a range of cabs for all purposes, including five-pillar cabs cab with doors on the left only and six-pillar cabs with doors on both the left and right sides. A window at the front of the cab roof is a popular option for front-loader work on both types of cab. Valtra cabs are now available with almost 7 square metres of glass, ensuring optimal visibility in all directions.

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