Valtra is strongly seen and heard in the Neste Rally Finland

Valtra is strongly seen and heard in the Neste Rally Finland
The 2016 Neste Rallies have been driven in different parts of Jyväskylä 27.-31.7. This year, two legendary central Finns met when Valtra and the Neste Rally joined their forces in the joy of the people of the rally. Valtra was seen and heard here in many different ways in the mega event.
Valtra had a major role in the entire time of the 2016 Neste Rally. The Neste Rally kicked off on Wednesday 27.7., when rally enthusiasts were gathered at the Valtra factory in Suolahti for an official family event, including to meet WRC drivers and JYP players and generally to enjoy the warm summer days.

The Demo Tour rig which travelled around Europe stopped during the entire rally time at the Neste Rally Pavilion competition centre, where the public had the opportunity to buy clothes and accessories from the Valtra Collection. In connection with the rig, there was also arranged a wonderful competition where the public could guess how many items of ice hockey could fit in a T4 series tractor cab. The competitor who guessed closest to the right answer was awarded with a signed JYP game-worn player shirt.

On Thursday 28.7 and Friday 29.7, Valtra was strongly involved in the Harju special stage trial, when on both days the special stage trial- Valtra Golden Unlimited –tractor. On Thursday, the steering wheels of the golden tractor were nicely taken over by JYP’s Jani Tuppurainen with his co-driver Rural Youth Chairman Aino Kurtti, and on Friday, the Finnish rally star Mikko Hirvonen drove to the finish line with sure confidence. Hirvonen’s Friday co-driver was Jani Saksala, winner of the Valtra Facebook – co-driver competition.

Earlier on Friday 29.7, rally enthusiasts were able to experience something unprecedented, when the Äänekoski-Valtra special stage trial was run in Koivisto. The world cup rally was run for the last time in the 1970’s, so the competition returning to the same neighborhood was at least historical. The special stage trial was reached by an over 200-year-old market and post road, which is now an official museum road.

Photos: Vesa Pöppönen

Valtra is strongly seen and heard in the Neste Rally Finland

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