General information

The competition shall be organised in Europe within the limits allowed by the space available and the conditions. The competition period is 1 January 2017 to 31 December 2017. The organiser of the competition is the authorised Valtra dealer within each country. The competition requires good tractor control, speed and precision from drivers. The objective of the competition is to complete a lap of a track set up by the organiser as fast as possible without hitting the cones. The track should be tight, requiring drivers to utilise the agility of their tractors to the best of their abilities.


Implementation of the competition

The competition shall be organised within the limits allowed by the space available and the conditions in such a way that the track is safe for both drivers and spectators. The competition shall be held at Valtra Demo Tour events, as well as at other Demo events on a case by case basis. The track shall be set up on the basis of a predetermined track layout, and the cones used to mark the track shall serve as obstacles. The competition shall use a Valtra T4 tractor equipped with the QuickSteer function.



Persons who would like to participate in the competition must register online at or at the event venue. In order to register, the person must provide contact information so that the final results of the competition can be notified to all participants. Valtra reserves the right to use this contact information also for marketing and advertising purposes.


Competition format

The competition day begins with registration. Persons who would like to participate must first register either online or on the spot. Only after a person has registered is he/she entitled to participate in the competition and drive on the Master Cup track. Participants enter the course one at a time according to the queue. Each participant gives his/her name and is instructed about the rules and, if required, the tractor controls. Once all preparations have been made, the competition organiser gives the participant permission to start. The timer starts when the participant drives past the timing equipment and stops when the participant crosses the same line. The lap begins from a standing start with the engine running. The results are recorded and the winner is the participant who has recorded the fastest time. After each run the tractor is returned to the start line to await the next participant. If a participant has hit any cones during the lap, the organiser shall set up the cones again before the next participant’s lap.


Competition rules

  • The competition shall comply with all the laws of the country in which it is being held, including traffic laws, so the tractor may not be driven if the driver does not have the required license or is intoxicated.
  • By participating in the competition the driver agrees to comply with all national laws and regulations that apply to driving a tractor.
  • The competitor has an obligation to notify the organisers if he/she is unclear about any of the tractor’s controls, in which case the competitor shall be instructed in their proper use.
  • For each cone that the competitor hits during his/her lap, a five (5) second penalty shall be incurred.
  • The competitor may enter the track only when instructed to do so.
  • Each competitor may participate in the competition only one (1) time during the day.
  • The timekeeper shall record the result of each competitor in a database.
  • Wherever there is a danger of driving off the track, the organiser must provide a sufficient run-off area and ensure that it is off limits to spectators.
  • The location of the pits, competition officials and stewards must be planned to ensure maximum safety.
  • Only one competitor is allowed inside the tractor on the track during the competition.
  • The event organiser may assign one supervisor to the cab if necessary.
  • The driver must wear a safety belt when driving.
  • The driver must use caution on the track to ensure that the tractor does not roll over and that the safety of spectators is not compromised.
  • The driver must use caution when manoeuvring in the start/finish area.
  • The driver is responsible for controlling the tractor and is liable for any damage, including injuries and property damage, caused while driving the tractor.


The winner of the competition in each country is the person who records the fastest time in the Master Cup taking into consideration any time penalties that were incurred. The results shall be published online at Winners shall be notified no later than four (4) weeks after the event in which they competed. For example, if several competitions are held in the same country at different times of the year, the winner shall be notified within four (4) weeks of the most recent competition.



A competitor may be disqualified for any rule infringement. A competitor may also be disqualified if he/she has failed to register for the competition or neglects the organiser’s instructions. Competitors shall also be disqualified for false starts and for failing to complete the lap according to the track layout.



The winner is the fastest driver in each country. Winners will be invited to compete in the Valtra Master Cup final, which will be held in Finland at the beginning of 2018. The organiser is responsible for making travel arrangements for each winner from their country of residence to Finland for the final. The organiser shall cover the cost of the plane, train or bus tickets. The organiser shall contact each winner to make the necessary arrangements. The fastest driver from each country shall be eligible to compete in the final, which shall therefore have approximately 13 to 18 drivers. The rules for the final and its location shall be confirmed nearer to the date of the final but no later than 31 January 2018. Winners must notify the organiser of their intention to participate in the final no later than six (6) weeks before the final.


Special provisions

The organiser reserves the right to cancel, reschedule or cancel the competition if so required by conditions and the environment. The organiser is not responsible for any damages that are not covered by the organiser’s liability insurance. The organiser reserves the right to make changes to the competition rules. Each competitor is responsible for controlling the tractor and any consequences while driving the tractor.