CUP 2017

CUP 2017





Master Cup 2017

Master Cup 2017

Valtra Master Cup is a competition held during Valtra events such Demo Tour in 2017 around the Europe. Drivers will race against time with Valtra T4 tractor, where fastest driver from each country will win trip to the finals in Finland. Track will indeed test the full capacity of driver to leverage the turning radius and agility of a T4 Valtra. The fastest drivers will be awarded daily with superb Valtra awards, but the biggest price will be finals held in the land of northern lights, Finland.
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    The track will be identical in every competition so all times are comparable. The track will be quite thigh, so not only the speed but also accuracy will be needed from the competitor.

    But be aware to hit the cons! Every cone hit will cause you 5 second time penalty and hitting more than three cones will disqualify you out from the competition.

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You can register to competitions during the Valtra Master Cup event at the event place or use the form provided in this page. See the Valtra Master Cup event timetable from map below and contact your local Valtra Dealer for more information.

There is no fee for participating to Valtra Master Cup.

Register here

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Dates and locations subject to change. Contact your local dealer for confirmation. View the map for event details.

Country Date Place www
Latvia 24.-26.4.2017 Bikernieki sports complex, S. Eizenšteina 16, Rīga
France 23.05.2017 - 10.09.2017
Serbia TBC
Benelux TBC
Russia TBC
Moldova TBC
Poland 28.8.-15.9.2017
Czech Republic TBC
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CITY, COUNTRY xx.xx.2017
  • 1. Winner
  • 2. Second place
  • 3. Third place
  • 4. Etc
  • 5. Etc

Here you can find updates results of the Master Cup competition. Follow up to see, who's on their way to be the best!

List of earlier events here.
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The winner will be the fastest driver that goes around Master Cup course with fastest time.

With every cone hit, time penalty of 5 seconds will be added. If driver hits more than 3 cones, he/she will be disqualified.

All laws and regulations of corresponding country of event country will be used. By participating, the entrants agree to be bound by these Official Rules and Laws. Organizer has right to reject, stop or disqualify driver if he/she is not obeying rules set by law, regulation or organizer.

Please access to rules from here

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