From Finland to the Netherlands by tractor

From Finland to the Netherlands by tractor
When George van Remoortele bought his new Valtra N103.4 he could put a long-term plan into action. He would pick up his new tractor from the factory and drive it home, 2100 km all the way from Finland to the Netherlands.
On June 11th Mr van Remoortele, his wife Emmy and two friends arrived at the Suolahti factory to pick up the brand new Valtra tractor. The plan is to drive around 8 hours (200 km) per day, crossing five major water roads and six countries on the way. After visit to the factory and an introduction to the tractor controls, the adventurers set off on their 12 day trip across Europe: Mr van Remoortele in the new tractor, and the support team in caravan following the tractor.

“Some people climb Mt. Everest - I have always dreamed of driving a tractor from the factory in Finland to my home in the Netherlands”, George van Remoortele comments.


The route

George van Remoortele and his travel companions will cover over 2100km in 12 days. The route to the Netherlands will take them through Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany and Belgium. The new Valtra N103.4 will cross five major waterways: the Gulf of Bothnia, the Kattegat, the Kiel Canal and the rivers Elbe and Weser.


Pictures and news from the road

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