Multitalented in grassland

Multitalented in grassland

Got other things to do as well? See how Valtra can help you with:

Multitalented in grassland

Valtra features like even weight balance, powerful PTO, roomy cabin and good weight to power ratio make Valtra ideal choice for dairy farmers and contractors. Auto-Guide automated steering and Isobus-connection for implements give finishing touch for a contracting tractor. Contractors appreciate the reliability and low product life cycle costs.

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Gets more done with less

Gets more done with less - Fuel efficient

Limit the strain on your tractor – as well as your wallet. Valtra tractors come with power options that ensure you get the amount of power you need when you need it – without wasting fuel.

Our tractors respond to load variations in just the right power range, ensuring that engine speed is kept under control even during momentary load increases.

One machine, many uses

One machine, many uses - Wide range of implements

Valtra offers the widest range of hydraulic options on the market, making it the optimal choice for those who want a tractor that can handle lots of different types of implements.

Whether you need a range of implements for grassland tasks or plan on doing contracting work, our hydraulics ensure that there is always enough oil for even the biggest demands.

Doesn’t make you sweat

Doesn’t make you sweat - Increase productivity through comfort

Valtra tractors feature excellent ergonomics, ensuring that a long workday will not tire you out, thus boosting productivity and safety.

Our spacious cabs are quiet and easy to get out of, and you can enhance your comfort with up to five different suspension systems.

Doesn’t miss a thing

Doesn’t miss a thing - Precise control when mowing

Increase efficiency and eradicate unmowed areas when turning by working in reverse. By driving in reverse you can exploit the maximum working width in all field conditions, especially when working with butterfly mowers.

What’s more, you don’t have to worry about tiring yourself out: our TwinTrac reverse drive system provides excellent ergonomics, preventing strain on the driver.

Better yield quality

Better yield quality - Less soil compaction

Valtra tractors help combat soil compaction and they don’t leave tracks in the field, thanks to an optimal weight distribution that gives good traction without a lot of added weight.

Less weight with more power helps you keep the tracks in check – and get a good-quality yield, year after year.

Works all-year-round

Works all-year-round - Large range of options

In Scandinavia, tractors have to work in a wide range of conditions, from long, light summer days on the farm to extremely snowy conditions in the forest.

This is why you can be sure that a Valtra will work all-year-round: you can customise your tractor to handle not only grassland farming, but also arable farming, forestry and municipal maintenance tasks such as snow ploughing.

Lifts high and heavy

Lifts high and heavy - Largest lifting range on the market

Valtra tractors work well in a number of different uses, from headland to field, thanks to its large lifting range, adjustable arms and high lifting power.

What’s more, manoeuvring implements is easy with the ergonomic power lift controls.

Increases feeding quality

Increases feeding quality - Smooth and precise bale handling

Valtra tractors are ideal for tasks such as baling that require frequent stops.

The Valtra turbine clutch enables smooth and precise loader work, meaning that feeding and bale-handling are easy

Valtra Technology Solutions

Valtra Technology Solutions

Valtra offers a range of high-tech solutions that make your tractor even more versatile and intelligent. The ISOBUS data transfer system, Auto-Guide 3000 automated steering assist system and AgCommand telemetry system allow you to carry out your work cost effectively while monitoring both the tractor itself and the tasks it is performing online.

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