Valtra in city Urban ready in all sections

Valtra in city Urban ready in all sections

Got other things to do as well? See how Valtra can help you with:

Reliable in every weather

The Valtra tractor range offers reliability, functionality and tailored options for every need in the field of street maintenance and municipal work. The Valtra heavy-duty tractors will fulfill the expectations for every season – come rain or come shine: sweeping for the the summer, snow plowing for the winter and loading whenever needed. It makes sense to use Valtra tractors in municipality work, since a single tractor is at best a multi-use equipment, that can be fitted with a large variety of implements.
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Choose the size

Choose the size - A.N.T.S.

Valtra has a complete offering to suit all user needs. The four different models cover a broad power range from 88 to 370 horsepower. All of them are tailored to meet the customer’s individual needs.

Valtra’s light and nimble A Series tractors are well suited for all kinds of farm work. Their small size, compact build and manoeuvrability are clear advantages at crop and cattle farms, as well as in forest and municipal work.

Valtra N Series tractors range from 99 to 163 horsepower. They are the most versatile 4-cylinder tractors in their class. The tractor’s long wheelbase makes it particularly stable and ideal for front loader operation.

Valtra T Series tractors have been designed to meet the needs of today’s professional farmers and contractors. The T Series combines the traditional power and strength of Valtra tractors with the unparalleled versatility offered by Valtra’s customer order system.

The new S Series tractors combine high power and innovative technology with superior comfort. S Series tractors provide professional farmers and entrepreneurs with the right tools for heavy duty cultivation, contracting and transport.

At home on the streets

At home on the streets

Valtra N Series tractors are powerful and efficient machines for municipal maintenance work in both summer and wintertime. N Series tractors are at home both in road maintenance tasks and in built-up areas, on pedestrian and cycle paths.

The easy-to-use transmission and hydraulics combined with a turbine clutch make N Series tractors the champions of front-loader work. The Valtra ARM armrest and controls  making it easy for drivers to switch from one machine to another.

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A strong partner that is agile in town

A strong partner that is agile in town

Valtra A Series tractors are known for their reliability and robustness – they are strong, light and extremely agile.

The small turning radius, high ground clearance and optional low cab make A Series tractors especially ideal for narrow urban environments.

A Series tractors offer class-leading performance for front-loader work.

Heavyweight champions of municipal maintenance work

Heavyweight champions of municipal maintenance work

Valtra T Series tractors are the kings of municipal maintenance work in their size class, offering unsurpassed versatility and productivity.

With the right equipment they can be used all the time, in summer and wintertime, in parks and yards, on streets and roads, and even at airports.

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A strong package

A strong package

The reliability of the S Series is the result of the perfect integration of the carefully considered details. The combination of the perfect engine and transmission with the latest functional design and optimal usability makes the S Series a tractor unlike any other you have tried before.  

Key features in brief:

  • AGCO Power 84 AWF engine: A Finnish powerhouse and a world first!
  • AVT transmission: The market leader that meets your toughest demands.
  • Ergonomic: Spacious cab, pneumatic cab suspension, Valtra ARM.
  • TwinTrac: Reverse-drive system for working productively in both directions.
  • AutoGuide Ready: For precision farming, AutoGuide Ready comes as standard.

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FMG and Valtra

FMG is a strong a reliable operator for Valtra, producing implements for road maintenance and municipality use. Many of FMG products are developed in collaboration with Valtra and some implements are tailored only for the use of Valtra tractors.

Valtra LH LINK is a new generation, award-winnig front linkage system with 3.5-ton lifting capacity, that is attached to the tractor's frame by a vertical pivot and adds greatly to the handling capabilities of the implements.

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