Valtra Let's Trade Keys tractor trade-in campaign

Let's trade keys

Unlock your future of farming

The key to success is to trade them. Receive an additional discount when you trade in your current tractor for a new Valtra N or T Series tractor. 

Get your Valtra benefit today!

The offer is valid until 31 May, only at participating dealerships.

Get your Valtra benefit today

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Upgrade with Valtra

Bring us your current tractor – drive home in the one you really want. Get your Valtra benefit now! Your Valtra dealer will contact you to find the perfect tractor solution for you.

Valtra N Series: 115 - 201 HP

Smart in size. Perfect in performance.

The N Series is compact in size, with the best power/size ratio in its class. Agile and lightweight machine with perfect ergonomics and comfort makes working easy and productive. And, with the robust and reliable construction, 600 hours’ service interval and low fuel consumption, the total cost of ownership is kept to a minimum.

Valtra T Series: 170–271 HP

Built for power. Designed for control.

If you could design and build a tractor, this is what it would look like. Many of the new T Series’ unique features originated from our customers, because this tractor is the end result of discussions with hundreds of customers and thousands of hours of test driving.

"Running Valtra tractors has been a far better ownership experience than any of the other tractor makes I have previously run.”

Tom Dirom, UK contractor
in Valtra Team 11/2019

“Surprising or not? Valtra wins this test. It’s the perfect terminal and very good gearbox-software which make it win.”

Nordic Tractor Test (Bedre Gardsdrift, Koneviesti, Traktor Tech, Trekker), 2018, Valtra T214 Versu

“This is unquestionably the most comfortable tractor I have ever driven.”

Farm Machinery Journal, April 2019, Valtra T234 Direct

“The no-nonsense and clear accessibility is one of the key-points of this very fast tractor.”

Nordic Tractor Test (Bedre Gardsdrift, Koneviesti, Traktor Tech, Trekker), 2018, Valtra T214 Versu

Valtra key features

Peace of mind – in your hands

Valtra Let's Trade Keys tractor trade-in campaign

Upgrade with Valtra

Trade keys with us

Get the Valtra benefit

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