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Customise your service support with Valtra Care

Valtra Care


Valtra Care is a way for you to fix your costs at point of purchasing your Valtra machine, ensure optimum performance, guarantee efficiency and maximise the residual machinery value. Our Valtra Care packages can be personalised to suit your payment and operating hour requirements. Valtra Care service solutions are personalised and flexible to match your payment and operating hour requirements:


Service Contract for Regular Maintenance

This service package includes all prescribed maintenance work bookable up to 10,000 hours for new and used machines. Professional servicing is carried out by Valtra trained technicians (on-site or at your Valtra dealer’s premises) according to manufacturer recommended intervals and checklists.

Extended Warranty Contract for Repair

With regular and good maintenance a tractor engine can last for more than 15.000 hours. When an engine needs to be replaced, a remanufactured engine from the factory can be an environmentally-friendly, affordable and fast alternative. The cost of a remanufactured AGCO Power engine is 20-40% below that of a new engine.

The AGCO Power factory in Finland reconditions about 1000 engines every year. The block of the old engine is checked and washed. Also the crankshaft and connecting rods can be reused if they pass the strict quality checks at the factory. All wearing parts such as pistons, cylinder liners, bearings, seals and lids are replaced. Each remanufactured engine is as good as new and it undergoes the same tests as a comparable new engine.

AGCO Power offers remanufactured engines for nearly all of its models. The factory warranty is the same as for a new engine.

Our international servicing and spare parts personnel is trained at the Valtra Training Centre at the Suolahti factory in Finland. Centralised training ensures high-quality and consistent servicing, as well as a rapid flow of information from our customers to the entire Valtra organisation.

Out of Season Inspection

An out of season inspection puts you in control of your costs and your uptime.  

1. A no-obligation, comprehensive fault and condition report

2. Minimum deterioration of your machine during winter storage

3. Reduced risk of costly and time consuming downtime

4. A speedier start up next season

5. Peak machine efficiency

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