A Valtra N114e HiTech for forestry entrepreneur Maximilian Woerle

A Valtra N114e HiTech for forestry entrepreneur Maximilian Woerle

Maximilian Woerle has been operating a forestry company in Seekirchen since 2014. Since 2017, the company has been managed by Julian Wallmannsberger as a 2-man operation with a focus on timber harvesting and garden care. The services offered in the Flachgau and Salzburg area include special tree felling, forestry work and hedge trimming.

Maximilian Woerle purchased a Valtra N114e HiTech 5 to take care of the various activities in the forestry business. The reverse-drive system, forestry cab and in-forest capabilities were his main reasons for choosing Valtra. However, a powerful hydraulic system to operate all of his implements also played an important role in the purchase. Mr. Woerle is very enthusiastic about his new acquisition: “The all-round visibility, especially with the forest cab, is amazing! But the unique agility also never fails to impress us.”

We wish the two-man operation continued success and enjoyment with their new Valtra.

From left to right: Julian Wallmannsberger and Maximilian Woerle with Ludwig Wimmer from the Mauch company.

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