Valtra N174 Direct: I like it

Valtra N174 Direct: I like it

“Togetherness is just something very important to me. Because if you pull together and the interpersonal aspect works in the team, then performance is strong”, said Sebastian Gaigg, owner of a forestry company in Weyregg am Attersee. “That’s why I can say with justification that we’re a really strong force.”

It’s a strong team consisting of four men whose main tasks could be summarised with the neutral keywords timber harvesting, transport, landscape maintenance and special tree felling.

“Well,” Gaigg points out. “It’s a bit more than that. The timber harvesting, which we do with the cableway, fully deserves the attribute ‘extreme’. Mulching on the almost crazy slopes of the private pastures is also among our challenges. And the special tree felling and removal with the crane and trailer also involve a certain amount of basic stress.”

Cable winches were already a hobby for his father and Sebastian Gaigg continued this for a while as a sideline and expanded the range. He then founded his own company in 2010. And of course with this full-time activity, the machine fleet also increased in size. However, it's very heavy on Valtras!

“I bought my first used Valmet in 2012,” he recalls. “And then everything got started. It had 6,400 hours on it back then, 14,000 today. The Valtras have exactly the right design, they said at the dealer of our confidence. At Scharmüller in Lenzing. And it’s an absolute forest machine. And they were totally right. No ifs or buts.”

In 2017, he then extended his fleet with a Valtra N174 Direct. It's machine that suits everything, according to Gaigg. Weight, size, performance. It's mostly working with the hook lift trailer – for container and wood chip transport. In March last year, a Valtra N174 Direct was added. “It’s our all-rounder for agricultural work such as mulching, baling or transport,” says Gaigg.

“We're completely satisfied,” smiles the charming young entrepreneur, “otherwise I wouldn't have joined the Valtra fans group on Facebook! I really like what the Finns are doing.

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