Valtra G Series tractor in the field

Valtra Tour 2021


The Valtra Tour truck is on the road once again!

The Valtra Tour is your chance to be among the very first to experience hands-on the all-new Valtra 5th Generation tractors.

Sign up to an event near you: give our latest machines a whirl, and have a chat with our experts about which one will be your next working machine!

New Valtra machines, from the A to the T

Our award-winning A, N and T Series have undergone a major upgrade into 5th generation versions, packed with improvements to make your life easier.


We take the health of our customers and staff seriously. Valtra Tour events are arranged first and foremost with everyone's safety in mind, while ensuring you get to enjoy driving the new 5th Generation tractors among the very first in the world.

Let's work together:

  • Clean your hands! Disinfectant will be available at the event.
  • Keep your distance! Let's be Finnish about this and enjoy our personal space ;)

The Valtra crew will make sure any surfaces on the truck and tractors are cleaned regularly throughout the event.

Please note that as we continue to pay close attention to local guidelines and regulations, we reserve the right to adjust event arrangements accordingly if necessary. Follow our social media for updates on events near you! 



Tour dates


24–27 August

Maskinmarken, Modul E42 – E47



24 September - 30 October

24.9.      Carrión de los Condes (Palencia)    
28.9.      Arévalo (Avila)
30.9.      Yunquera de Henares (Guadalajara)
2.10.      Tarancón (Cuenca)
5.10.      Córdoba
7.10.      Puerto Lumbreras (Murcia)
9.10.      Albacete
13.10.    Huesca
15.10.    Mollerusa (Lerida)
24.10.    Carrión de los Condes (Palencia)
28.10.    Arévalo (Avila)
30.10.    Yunquera de Henares (Guadalajara)



19 October - 12 November

19.10.    Neue Unlinger Str. 23, Riedlingen
20.10.    Memminger Str. 17, Pleß
21.10.    Kapellenpl. 1, Putzbrunn
22.10.    Neuhäusl 1, Erharting
25.10.    Fabrikstr. 17, Mainburg
26.10.     -  , Triesdorf
27.10.    Heinrich-Hertz-Straße 10, Bruchsal
28.10.    Raiffeisenstr. 17, Kastellaun
29.10.    Am Gericht 4, Blankenheim
01.11.     - , Baunatal
02.11.    Am Feldschlößchen 8, Buttelstedt
03.11.    Beuchaer Oberweg 1 c, Bad Lausick
04.11.    Goethestr. 8, Werder (Havel)
05.11.    Helmstedter Str. 18, Königslutter
08.11.    Herringsener Weg 1, Anröchte
09.11.    Dornierstr. 7, Hörstel
10.11.     -    
11.11.    Klethener Weg 7, Ahlerstedt
12.11.    Industriestraße 1b/3, Preetz