Valtra as a workplace

Valtra as a workplace

Welcome to Valtra

Valtra has 2100 employees working in a wide range of production, engineering and service positions around the world. Each year we manufacture 24,000 individually tailored tractors at our factories in Finland and Brazil. Valtra is recognised for its state-of-the-art technical solutions and and high-quality products. We value team play, openness, reliability and own initiative.

We are part of AGCO Corporation, a global leader in agricultural machinery.

Valtra is a smoke-free workplace.

Advantages of a major employer

Valtra is a growing and developing company that has traditionally offered employees the advantages of a major employ
  • Salary includes profit sharing
  • Voluntary health fund pays benefits according to the Finnish Health Insurance Act and additional benefits according to the fund’s own terms and conditions.
  • Financial services let you invest part of your salary at higher interest rates
  • Affordable and high-quality employee canteen
  • Subsidised recreational activities

Advantages of a major employer

Centrally located in Finland

Valtra’s hometown of Uusi Äänekoski is situated in northern Central Finland and has a population of over 20,000. The municipality includes four communities on the shores of splendid Lake Keitele: the small towns of Äänekoski and Suolahti, and the modern agricultural communities of Sumiainen and Konginkangas. Uusi Äänekoski is ideally sized: not too small, not too big, just right for people.

Äänekoski can be easily reached within half an hour by car from Jyväskylä and twenty minutes from Jyväskylä Airport in Tikkakoski. By boat you can reach the waterways of Savo and Päijänne through canals.

Valtra promotes active lifestyles

Valtra is an active working community whose members get to know also those working in different departments through recreational activities.

Valtra also offers excellent sports and exercise opportunities. Valtra employees can use local swimming halls and gyms at discounted prices. Employees who exercise individually can fill in fitness cards that are then entered into a prize drawing for shopping cards.

At Valtra you can participate in the following clubs, for example:

Valtra tennis club - Shooting club - Tractor plant sports anglers - Valtra camera club - Valtra rapids anglers - Gym - Tourula music club -

Kunto fitness team - Valtra jogging and skiing club - Orienteerers  - Motorcyclists - Valtra badminton club - Bowlers - Tourula football club - Tractor plant football club –

Valtra darts club - Kunto fitness team Jyväskylä - Valtra dance club - Valtra golf club - Valtra handicrafts and hobby club - Valtra downhill skiers - Valtra hunting club


Valtra people

Sari Kemppainen, Export Assistant, Logistics   


"I work in the logistics department as export assistant, meaning that I look after deliveries of new tractors to other countries.

Valtra is a trustworthy employer. The industry went through a lot of turmoil in past decades, but recently the trend has been very stable. Valtra also offers many of the benefits of a major employer.”


Pekka Mailas, Transmission Expert, Engineering Centre  


Prototype technician Pekka Mailas works on future technologies everyday at Valtra’s engineering centre. Valtra’s transmission expert has also travelled around the world.

“in 1985 I spent half a year touring Eastern Africa servicing transmissions. Back then we had a tractor plant in Tanzania. In 1993 I joined the Valtra Shell Pulling Team as a mechanic, which means I get to attend tractor pulling events throughout Europe. Tractor pulling is both my job and my hobby,” Mailas admits.

“We have a great transmission team at the engineering centre. I enjoy working here.”

Mailas also appreciates the benefits of working for a major employer.

“Valtra’s health fund, financial services, stability and even employee canteen are all essential benefits that are taken care of well. The affordable and high-quality canteen is particularly appreciated on a day-to-day basis.”

Being a large company, Valtra also offers a wide range of opportunities to switch tasks, see the world and advance in your career. “Valtra is a relatively big company by itself, and it is also part of AGCO. For skilled and international people with language skills, the doors are open for a variety of tasks around the world.”

Team play

Valtra invests in both the wellbeing of our employees and their opportunities to make a difference. We are a respected employer that runs a reward system based on employee initiatives, as well as its own healthcare station.

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Employees are one of the keys to Valtra’s business. By looking after the wellbeing and expertise of its employees and providing them with the opportunity to further develop themselves and influence their own work, Valtra is an attractive employer for everyone who wants to develop in their careers. Valtra ensures that its employees are looked after and that they are committed and motivated. We offer new employees comprehensive training, and all Valtra employees can receive further language, cultural and IT training.

As a large company, Valtra offers the advantages of rotating jobs and tasks in order to strengthen professional skills and provide variation in the development of your career. Valtra maintains long-term employment contracts that provide a solid basis for broadening or honing your professional skills.

Valtra encourages initiatives

Valtra’s philosophy of continuous improvement encourages all employees to submit ideas for improving the efficiency or quality of their own work. The continuous improvement system rewards both individuals and teams. The person who makes the initiative and his or her colleagues can benefit from even the smallest improvements. The ideas that create the biggest improvements in quality and productivity are handsomely rewarded. The system of employee initiatives is firmly established within Valtra, and all employees are active in improving operations and rectifying shortcomings in their own departments.



Valtra co-operates with a number of educational facilities.

Students can apply for either practice positions or thesis work by filling in the open application. We offer students a wide range of opportunities to practice at Valtra.

We provide a fascinating learning environment for gathering work experience and learning new things alongside professionals.

Your application

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