Petri quickly learned that Valtra is a modern and competitive brand

Petri Sagulin, responsible for digital advertising, joined Valtra from a smaller consultancy in 2022. Petri joined Valtra with a wide range of hopes and preconceptions. One fear was that as a big company, Valtra would be bureaucratic and old-fashioned. This belief was quickly proven wrong.

" What surprised me most is how strong the expertise is here, for example in digital marketing, how smooth the various processes are and, more broadly, how the company thinks about the future." - Petri Sagulin

Petri Sagulin has previously worked in consumer sales, studied for a Master's degree in communications, and then pursued a career in a smaller consultancy. Valtra attracted him because of its internationality, but at the same time, Petri wondered how he would fit in with such a big company. When the right position became available, however, he applied and got the job.

"I think, for example, some younger people might see a big industrial company like this as an old mammoth living in the 80s. They actually do some really cool stuff here and I'm amazed at the hard skills that are in-house. There's a lot going on all the time and a lot of focus on the future," says Petri.

Petri is responsible for Valtra's paid digital advertising. The job involves developing the website, analysing results and improving the user experience. Advertising campaigns are carried out in constant collaboration with marketing managers and digital agencies in different countries.

"A single working day consists of a wide variety of tasks and different entities. There is a lot going on all the time and, for example, there are daily requests from country marketing managers. There are many meetings and quite a few things I do completely on my own. I monitor the budget and analytics and manage digital advertising."

The agriculture industry appeals to Petri

Petri has no agricultural background and is not familiar with tractors. However, agriculture as an industry appeals to him.

"Of course, the sector matters. It's a pretty safe industry and this is the kind of work you need. Agriculture is criticised - in some places certainly on the subject - but in the big picture we help feed the whole world."

"I'm not a tractor man, but this kind of technology is certainly inspiring when you get to know it. When you test drive Valtra's tractors, you realise what you can do with them - that they're like aeroplanes, full of technology. What inspires me in Valtra is that you can see the company is full of innovative people and there's a clear direction to go in."

Internationalism motivates Petri 

Petri has previously worked as an internationalisation consultant, helping companies to internationalise. So it's no wonder that internationality is also pleasing Petri in Valtra. 

"It's motivating to be able to work in international circles. I work with importers on a daily basis and our marketing team in Suolahti is very multinational."

Petri works about half of his working days remotely from his home in Jyväskylä and half at the Suolahti office.

"The commute from Jyväskylä is not bad. I find it somewhat therapeutic to sit for half an hour or so at my own leisure before and after the working day."

Petri also appreciates Valtra's awareness of sustainability and the environment.

"Today, environmental issues must be taken into account in every sector. It's good to see that they are also of interest here at the company level."


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