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Valtra Team magazine

Here you can download and read Valtra Team customer magazines from the most recent back to the year 2002.

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Valtra Team 2023

 1 / 2023


  • Unlimited VIEW: machine vision enhances safety
  • Geo-Bird generates optimised waylines
  • Q Series Wins 2023 Red Dot Award: Product Design
  • Unlimited Studio creates thousands of individual tractors for individual needs
  • Direct Enviro Services, Valtra Fleet
  • From simulator to lab and finally to field
  • Service packs are a Valtra speciality
  • LAMMA 2023
  • Valtra tractors at work for Norwegian defence forces
  • When ergonomics were introduced on tractors
  • Mid Tartraven Farm
  • Atrium visitor centre gets a makeover


 2 / 2023


  • Valtra Showroom – the best virtual showroom for tractors
  • SmartTurn now enables Y and K turns
  • Surprise present for dealer
  • S Series is the flagship and pioneer of the entire model range
  • Keeping Scotland moving with Valtra
  • Suolahti factory gets new state-of-the-art paint shop
  • Genuine spare parts are the safe choice
  • In Australia only Valtras can be tailored individually
  • Oldtimer: Volvo BM cleared the way for Valtra in the Netherlands
  • First in the queue 
  • Valtra offers tools for sustainability


Valtra Team 2022

 1 / 2022


  • SmartTurn completes automation of field tasks
  • Visit a virtual showroom from the comfort of your home sofa
  • BGG Garden & Tree Care Ltd 
  • Valtra tractors and water buffalo
  • Valtra user: AgriBale Ltd
  • A remote-controlled tractor in just half an hour
  • Even older tractors are still worth maintaining
  • The Nannery family 
  • Integrated loader scale adds precision to all tasks
  • Oldtimer: Valtra and the fastest farmers in the world
  • Valtra T234 Active user report 
  • Team Valtra competes at top level in Farming Simulator League

 2 / 2022


  • Save fuel, the field and tyres 
  • New family of engines and further investments 
  • Valtra Q Series – First Reaction 
  • Smart Q Series thinks like a professional
  • Valtra G125 continues to impress
  • Tractor owner or driver – benefits to all types of customers
  • Assistance also on weekends and evenings in Estonia
  • Sustainable farming through carbon sequestration
  • Over 50 years of Valtra tractors in Greece
  • Windy Ridge Vegetables Ltd
  • Valtra tours France 


Valtra Team 2021



  • New smart display on the A pillar
  • G135 Versu is Tractor of the Year
  • C J Cox customers benefit from Valtra Connect
  • 5th generation fulfills expectations
  • Valtra helps restore carbon to the soil
  • Precision Lift & Load: Safe, efficient and easy to use
  • Service van provides assistance even on the field
  • Future of agriculture aims at successful farming
  • 70 colourful years of Valtra history
  • Valtra impresses Northumberland Estate
  • Valmet Martat support charity



  • Auto U-Pilot makes headland automation even more automated
  • New options packages offer even more alternatives
  • G Series proves to be ideal tractor
  • Dutch contractor makes full use of precision farming functionalities
  • Royals drive tractors during farm visit
  • Fuels increasingly friendly to the environment
  • Tractor notifies about need for regeneration
  • Aiming to double Valtra’s business 
  • Suolahti factory biggest tourist attraction in region
  • Clear future direction for dealer Chandlers
  • Can you identify Valtra’s tractor models?


Valtra Team 2020



  • Ground speed PTO for demanding applications
  • SmartGlass helps in front-loader tasks
  • Valtra Impresses at Lamma 2020
  • Smart Farming on the Swiss Future Farm
  • Making a difference 
  • Kesla designs forest equipment for Valtra tractors
  • Easy and carefree tractor ownership
  • Building the brand
  • Waterproof Valtras equipped with maritime radar
  • Oldtimer: Valmet 702S
  • A passion for farming
  • Norwegian sisu



  • Extend auxiliary screen 
  • New strategy focuses on the customer experience
  • Swaine Agri appointed as new Irish dealer
  • G Series – The first 5th generation Valtra tractor
  • Highways and byways 
  • The concept behind the new G Series
  • AGCO spare parts centres in Europe
  • Fundraising Valtra Tractor
  • Valtra Connect learns to predict faults
  • Oldtimer: Valtra do Brasil turns 60
  • Managing the cost of ownership
  • A dream job for someone who grew up on a farm


Valtra Team 2019



  • N Series gets Aires front axle suspension
  • Defence forces trust in Valtra tractors
  • LAMMA Show 2019 – A New Beginning!
  • A Series gets new features in response to customer feedback
  • Contracting on the edg
  • New engines offer lower fuel consumption
  • Easy and carefree – Connect, Care and Go
  • Boosting business in Scotland
  • Top 3 design entries 
  • Oldtimer: 106 years of Nordic tractors
  • Valtra at the core of NW plant hire business
  • A career in snowboarding, a future in contracting



  • Brand-new Valtra Guide 
  • New logistics centre in Suolahti
  • Police tractor tour comes to an end
  • The choice of the French Road Directorate: Valtra and Noremat
  • Third time lucky
  • SmartTouch created by listening to customers
  • Professional tips for maintaining your tractor
  • Extra power brings more efficiency
  • Using automated steering to clear runways
  • Oldtimer: When the factory moved to the countryside
  • Punching above their weight
  • Reliable machinery in Antarctica


Valtra Team 2018



  • World first: SmartGlass 
  • Valtra Connect 
  • Dealership coverage widens
  • Valtra showered with awards
  • Renewable diesel made from waste
  • Drivers Chose Valtra
  • SmartTouch in a nutshell
  • Service Kits – all you need in one package
  • Pink Tractor Tour a success
  • Alessandra Corradi works well with her Valtra
  • Oldtimer: Hundred Series offered customers more choice
  • Contractor’s fleet gets a Valtra boost
  • Valtra and Red Bull team up


Valtra Team 2017



  • Versu transmission – Powershift Revolution
  • News
  • S Series well-suited for contractor in Scotland
  • Brand new A Series
  • Dorset contractor swicthes to Valtras
  • Valtra SmartTouch armrest 
  • Machinery requires proper maintenance
  • New T Series models offer up to 270 horsepower
  • Valmet’s first steps in 1951 
  • Valtra T234 Versu – the perfect year-round tool
  • Cross-country skiing legend Gunde Svan enjoys working in the forest



  • Drive without using your feet 
  • A Series launch event is a success
  • AGCO Dealership widens its appeal
  • Design Challenge fast forwards to 2040
  • Valtra Driver raises money for a great cause
  • Precision farming with the SmartTouch armrest
  • Brand new Valtra front loaders
  • New type-approval regulation allows a top speed of 60 km/h
  • Valmet was a pioneer in diesel engines
  • Story of the Nordic Tractor 
  • Caterpillar tracks ideal for working in the Alps 


Valtra Team 2016



  • ASR optimises wheelspin 
  • An Important Part of Several Happy Days
  • Unlimited Studio transforms tractors
  • Working Hard in the Borders
  • N Series earns awards for design
  • Valtra Smart introduces remote telematics to tractors
  • T W West Ltd. – Agricultural Contractors
  • Valtra strengthens position in Africa
  • A pioneer in the use of turbo engines
  • T Series tends to trees in Wales
  • Ice fishing – the Finnish way of having fun!



  • Powerful, fuel efficient and durable AGCO Power engines
  • Tractorthon in aid of meningitis research
  • Valtra and Kesla – the perfect combination for forestry work
  • Satellite Communication
  • Software is the soul of a tractor
  • Get spare parts numbers on your mobile device
  • N113 multitasking in Derby 
  • Oldtimer – pulling or pushing power?
  • Clean sides and a level top 
  • Sponsorship – from Olympic trap shooting to rallying


Valtra Team 2015



  • Fourth generation T Series named Machine of the Year
  • News: New T Series launch attracts 1500 guests
  • New T Series tractors hard at work throughout Europe
  • T4 Launch & Road Show: The Road to Success
  • New generation of biogas tractors
  • New T Series reduces service costs by over 20 percent
  • AutoGuide steering assist and hydraulics assistant – the right tools even for small fields
  • Half a century of stepless transmissions
  • Keeping up with the changes 
  • Multitasking in Ireland 
  • Finnish ice hockey stars train with kids from local farms



  • New SkyView cab on N and T Series
  • S Powers the farm 
  • Brand new N Series 
  • Valtra helps life continue 
  • Unbeatable selection of transmissions
  • Look after your tractor – just five routine checks
  • Master of several trades 
  • Valtra tractors do military service
  • 4WD since 1969  
  • Power from the land 
  • Valtra tractor sets new world speed record


Valtra Team 2014



  • Pivoting front linkage revolutionises working with implements
  • Humble beginnings 
  • Valtras at work in Czech forest
  • Home away from home 
  • Not all EGR systems are the same
  • It pays to have your Valtra serviced at an authorised dealer
  • Articulated steering for the N Series
  • FAP-Valmet: The original Portuguese project
  • Discover AGCO Discover Valtra
  • European farms growing slowly but surely



  • T Series cab offers best visibility ever
  • Introducing the fourth generation T Series
  • One of the best 
  • Drive safely! 
  • Active models simulate stepless driving
  • Easy to maintain and inexpensive to operate
  • All about compliance 
  • Valtra N113 HiTech aids game management in Finland
  • The story of BM-Volvo tractors
  • Kim Parsons – A man who can
  • Stop to animal diseases 


Valtra Team 2013



  • Beam support stabilises front loaders
  • Valtra in the Black Lands
  • Valtra N142 – A tractor for all uses
  • Valtra sets contractor on the right course
  • Mowing in reverse saves time, fuel and your back
  • Remanufactured transmissions 
  • Valtra cuts the mustard 
  • Maintaining the balance 
  • 100 years old ancestor of the Valtra tractor
  • Chipped wood – Fuel for the boilers
  • The Finnish scientist who gave his initials to AIV fodder



  • Fuse – precision farming technologies
  • Cornish Dairy Farmer relies on Valtra
  • New look and more power for the S Series
  • Zero Grazing Demands Reliability
  • Tier 4 Final technology means less emissions and better fuel economy
  • Unlimited Studio grows internationally
  • Northern Ireland contractor relies on his Valtra T Series
  • European owners satisfied with their Direct 2.0 tractors
  • Sigma Power milestones
  • Farming Advocate runs Valtra 
  • Max Schulman represents European farmers


Valtra Team 2012



  • Individual forest tractors 
  • Valtra – The best overall 
  • Most powerful four-cylinder tractor in the world – N163
  • Green Energy Farmer uses Valtra
  • HiTech 5 transmission enhances comfort
  • Appropriate tyres straight from the factory
  • High hours and reliable A Dorset farmers view of Valtra
  • Biogas tractor impresses Swedes
  • Last of the Volvo BM Mohicans
  • Over A Quarter Century of Valmet and Valtra
  • Valtra Hockey Team plays local heroes JYP



  • New look for the T Series
  • New smaller models in the N Series
  • Preparing for 2014 
  • The tractor of the future as designed by our customers
  • Which is better for you: N163 or T163?
  • Valtra tractors in South Africa
  • Valmet 604 – Made in Tanzania
  • Valtra helps turn wasteland into a valuable local amenity
  • Valtra Pulling Team tours Europe


Valtra Team 2011



  • ARM – Now with a colour display 
  • Valtra ANTS – future concept tractor
  • 60 years of Valtra tractors from Finland
  • New T Series models – now even more economical
  • Valtra helps protect the landscape
  • A Series enters the HiTech era
  • A reliable and cost-effective workhorse
  • Young driver rates Valtra driving experience
  • A farming force in South West Scotland
  • Valtra appoints Sales Support Specialist for UK and Ireland
  • A way back to work
  • 4WD bullseyes



  • New engine and redesigned nose for the N Series
  • Valtra – the best features
  • Savings with SCR technology 
  • Valtra on track 
  • Telemetry helps in management of large-sized farm
  • AdBlue saves fuel
  • Contractor relies on Valtra
  • T-series in cosmetics industry
  • Improved diesel model started Valmet exports
  • Fuel down – productivity up 
  • Colour options may vary 


Valtra Team 2010



  • From Cows to Canal Boats
  • High-quality equipment generates savings
  • N141: low fuel consumption – plenty of power
  • An entire village in Norway drives Valtra tractors
  • Contractors drive a 1000 hours in 6 weeks
  • Not just price, not fuel consumption, but total Economy
  • Valtra’s even at home in the cloister
  • Valtra do Brasil celebrates 50 years
  • EasyWheels Robot sprays weeds in cornfields
  • Giving Nature a Hand
  • Valmet 6400 over 33,000 hours hard work in veneer mill
  • Northallerton College Himalayan Expedition 
  • Old-timer: Volvo BM Valmet 305 and 405 



  • Island contractor chooses Valtra
  • New engines easy on your wallet and the environment
  • Reliable machinery equals excellent life style
  • Italian drives his tractor home from Finland – 2841 kilometres 
  • EcoPower – A switch to save fuel 
  • SCR technology really saves fuel
  • S Series most fuel efficient tractor in its class
  • Individual tractors by individual makers
  • Valtra versatility ideal beneath the fells of Lapland 
  • A Valtra’s life – not just a walk in the park
  • Valtras are top banana in the Caribbean! 
  • A fire extinguisher for tough terrain
  • Valtra prove their worth 
  • Old-timer: Valtra is a veteran when it comes to researching alternative fuels


Valtra Team 2009



  • Open to the public
  • New Versu and Direct models – Unbelievably easy to drive! 
  • Its not just horse feed – its quality horse feed
  • Valtra Collection – traditional and youthful
  • Juha Kankkunen Driving Academy 
  • New SVC cab improves usability, safety and visibility
  • Engineers lend farmers a helping hand
  • A factory reconditioned engine 
  • German municipalities drive Valtra tractors 
  • Valtra keep Donegal fish businesses moving
  • Heat for sale
  • Valtra Keep Costs In Check 
  • Old-timer: BM-Volvo T 800



  • Farming, Food & The Environment Hand in Hand
  • Valtra – Multitalented in grassland
  • Valmet driver gets a lift
  • Red is the most popular colour
  • Peat could even be used to produce diesel
  • New stepless Valtra Direct tractors on farms
  • Tractor design driven by ease-of-use
  • Valtra at the water’s edge!
  • More eaters, less fields
  • A life built on timber
  • Valtra’s Nordic roots
  • Valtra dealership partner takes top business award 
  • A bright future for farming
  • Old-timer: Alcohol tractors in Brazil


Valtra Team 2008



  • Valtra owners buy into a complete support package
  • Comfort comes in all varieties
  • Jack’s design success
  • Wood heating catches on rapidly in Europe
  • Local food finds more fans
  • World Rally Champion Marcus Grönholm – from rally cars back to tractors
  • 26684 hours without a problem 
  • Food safety begins in the fields
  • Improving how tractors and implements work together
  • Pick a reliable brand for a reliable Service 
  • A-Series – popular among ploughing champions
  • Hereford breeders gather in Copenhagen
  • Fresh design for Valtra websites
  • Keep it light weight
  • Old-timer: Valmet 502 – quietest tractor in the world



  • Valtra team support the Air Ambulance
  • European agriculture needs: Innovations, investments, competitiveness and sustainable development
  • Fuel consumption cut with Valtra
  • Farmers interested in farm management
  • Up-to-date silviculture in the private forests of Bavaria
  • Direct and Versu models added to the N and T Series
  • Power and comfort – brand-new S Series
  • Organic products popular among responsible consumers
  • Fuel savings make a dent in Valtra finance costs 
  • Christmas trees all year round
  • Old-timer: Valmet’s continuously variable H800

2007 and older magazines



  • Hands on approach appreciated by customers
  • Valtra is positively and proactively ecofriendly 
  • Lots of new equipment offered on the T Series
  • TwinTrac improves productivity and lowers costs
  • Cleaner engines for the A Series
  • More power, less emissions
  • Countdown claims victory at European Championships
  • New compact N Series models
  • Roos farm relies on old friends in a new home
  • Valtra introduces new generation front linkage
  • Valtra was awarded at Agritechnica for its innovations Valtra LHLINK – new generation front linkage
  • AutoComfort – new semi-active cab suspension
  • Equestrian Contractor – a new service for country dwellers
  • Wedding gets party
  • Children learn safety from their role models
  • Missed the school bus and faced with a long walk?
  • Old-timer – Valmet 1502 the tandem tractor



  • A Royal Double Success
  • New N Series Advance models fulfi l your wishes
  • Valtra tractors running on biodiesel
  • Valtra, leisure and the environment side by side
  • Valtra is a reliable partner in Portuguese fields
  • Ruth Miller – Farmer, Stockwoman
  • Tell us what kind of tractor you want – we will design it for you 
  • Valtra Service Engineer
  • Valtra’s 6000 series – Just gets better and better
  • Valtra protects safety and health
  • Valtra is the second most popular tractor in South America
  • Each new Valtra tractor is test driven at the factory
  • Trimming with TwinTrac
  • Good business requires the best tractors
  • Tips on how to make the most of your tractor
  • Fencing skills move from the countryside to the city
  • Old-timer – Supercharged Valmet 1203



  • Back to basics for a simpler life 
  • Valtra tractors are custom built according to customer wishes
  • Excellent Service – Excellent Value
  • EcoPower – Economy and environmental friendliness
  • Valtra Shell Pulling Team – Six months on the road
  • New N Series – Unparalleled versatility!
  • The woman behind it all!
  • Maintaining the Suburban Forest
  • Technical novelties 
  • Team News
  • Hard work brings rewards for Irish dealer 
  • New lives start in styl
  • Oldtimer: Kullervo – the first Finnish tractor



  • New, faster parts supply system
  • Spreading reliably
  • Valtra 6000 Series – a modern tractor classic 
  • Farming below the sea level
  • Reliability from dealer and machine is the key 
  •  A Dozen to go!
  • The king of Italian cheeses 
  • Valtra T Series – More versatile, more options
  • Three Valtra tractors serve U.S. Agricultural Research Center
  • Quality over quantity on the Pelee Island Vineyard
  • Valtra wins prestigious design award for the second time
  • Valtra wins Brazil’s Master Cana award for the 4th time in succession 
  • A tractor and a loader for all tasks 
  • Bed & Breakfast – Idyllic holidays in the South Jutland countryside in Denmark
  • Pirated parts or original spare parts?
  • A basic requirement – The introduction of a lower specifi cation package swung the tractor deal for a Lincolnshire farming company .
  • Oldtimer – Huge advance in development



  • Valtra Dealer Network Development 
  • Cool accommodation 
  • Sullom Voe
  • Around one-third of tractor-related accidents occur while climbing out of the cabin
  • Three-day eventing – the Formula 1 of equestrian sport 
  • A family resemblance for Valtra 2005 model series
  • The New A Series
  • Cab susp ension for T and M Series
  • Powerful new City XM articulated tractor
  • Bed & Breakfast – Mother nature knows best
  • Bed & Breakfast – A Warm Welsh Welcome
  • A Finnish tractor in the Antarctic
  • Valtra MultiTool – The new way to service electronics
  • Dependable contract ors depend on Valtra
  • Paradise for anyone with a sweet tooth
  • Driving Valtra from Finland to Italy
  • Bed & Breakfast – In the middle of the fertile plain
  • No Myths Over Valtra Performance
  • ISOBUS – The new communication system for agricultural machines 
  • Silver and bronze for the Valtra Shell Pulling Team at the European Championships
  • Valtra – An important part of the production line
  • Your tractor can also be a display window for your farm
  • Valmet 565 introduces synchronised transmission 



  • Agricultural or Industrial – Valtra tractors do it all
  • Even more choice for customers
  • Valtra Road Show
  • Valtra’s family tree
  • Tractors for both work and leisure
  • Valtra C Series
  • How to catch catfish with a tractor!
  • Why are SisuDiesel´s Fortius engines so good
  • Wild boar return to Sweden
  • Authentic Tequila from the Sierra Madre valley
  • Dairy farmers adapt to succeed in a changing environment
  • Drive right – reduce fuel consumption
  • T Series – Ideal for specialist operations
  • Valtra Power in Germany
  • Valtra awarded Health and Safety certification
  • Flexibility is key to success
  • Tractor pulling important for product development
  • Loader beam supports provide ease of mind for front-loader work



  • Valtra M Series – One tractor for all jobs
  • World champion now also with articulated steering
  • Valtra Builds Tomi an Invalid Tractor
  • Valtra suits niche contracting nicely
  • Valtra Delivers 500 000th Tractor
  • Valtra receives order for 50 tractors from Russia
  • Colours count 
  • Valtra EcoPower ensures higher water quality
  • Work and Play with Valtra UK
  • Valtra C-series – A powerful new tractor for livestock farms
  • Successful Pulling season 
  • No Nasty Surprises with Valtra Contract Hire
  • It’s nature first at the Kiekerö reindeer farm
  • 125 New Valtras to China
  • Out with the old – In with the new
  • The multi-purpose power of Valtra tractors
  • New Zealand Onions to Europe with the help of Valtras
  • Weekly servicing can save a lot of trouble
  • Valtra launhes direct sales in Poland
  • Sauer Danfoss – a strong partner to Valtra
  • Recipe from Italy: Bucatini all’Amatriciana
  • Kids Club



  • ”Look after your Tractors and they will look after you” 
  • Valtra in hands of owner with strength and expertise
  • Running costs down with Valtra
  • The top of the T Series: the T180 and T190
  • Design always begins with the customer’s needs
  • At the Himmanen Farm
  • World Ploughing Championships celebrate 50 year
  • The right tyres for each customer
  • Team News: Valtra to extend Suolahti Factory
  • Most spare parts arrive the next day
  • Experience and Loyalty lead to T Series
  • A Series: New Synchronised Forward/Reverse Shuttle
  • Trimming with TwinTrac
  • Canada – cold country farming
  • Cost Cutting – With Home Servicing And Valtra Lubricants
  • Kids Club
  • Recipe: Charbroiled Salmon



  • Isle of Man Dairy Farming 
  • A good footstep for Valtra in China
  • Valtra’s A Series
  • Much more for your money with TwinTrac
  • New Large Tractors from Valtra
  • Each cab clready an individualised product in the factory
  • New economical and effi cient Fortius engines
  • Sweden’s fi rst S260 goes to a large pig farm
  • Valtra goes down to the woods
  • Up to 15 tractors in action during peak times
  • Valtra T Series Versatility, Effectivity and Economy
  • Valtra S – real ace
  • More Power with lower emissions
  • Triple victory in Euro Cup
  • Valtra also runs Garden Pulling
  • Controlled Creeping
  • Agriculture in the UK
  • Kent contractor diversifies to meet future requirements
  • Valmet 361D – ”New attractive look”
  • Recipe: Roast lamb Thai style