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Valtra tractors combine versatile features and innovative technology into outstanding comfort. 

As a Valtra owner you benefit from a reliable, high-quality tractor that has been tailored to meet the needs of your farm or contracting business. Each Valtra is individually built according to the customer's wishes. This way your tractor features exactly the equipment you need and you do not need to pay for unnecessary extras.

N Series – versatile productivity

The N Series offers the very best performance and specifications of a mid-sized tractor in a balanced and functional package.

Maximum Power: 99–171 hp (73–126 kW)
Transmission: HiTech, HiTech 5, Versu, Direct
Models: N93, N103, N113, N123, N143, N163

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N Series – versatile productivity White metal Blue metal Green metal Red metal Black metal Silver metal Orange metal

New T Series - Six cylinder power

The T Series is the culmination of more than 60 year experience of building reliable and easy-to-use tractors. We designed it for the versatile requirements of farmers and the most demanding conditions.

Maximum Power: 155–250 hp (125–184 kW)
Transmission: Active, Versu, Direct
Models: T144, T154, T174e, T194, T214, T234

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New T Series - Six cylinder power Red Black metal Green metal Silver metal Blue metal Red metal

T Series – six-cylinder power

The T Series offers the right alternative for customers looking for a lot of power for both traditional farming tasks, as well as municipal and forest applications.

Maximum Power: 141–225 hp (104–165 kW)
Transmission: HiTech, Versu, Direct
Models: T133, T153, T163e, T173, T183, T193, T203, T213

Information about third-generation T Series models Two tractors in one: T163e EcoPower

T Series – six-cylinder power Red White metal Green metal Red metal Black metal Silver metal Orange metal Yellow

S Series – power and productivity

The high power output S Series tractors combine high power and innovative technology with superior comfort.

Maximum Power: 270–400 hp (199–298 kW)
Transmission: AGCO Variable Transmission
Models: S274, S294, S324, S354, S374

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S Series – power and productivity

A Series – light and agile

The light and nimble A Series tractors are well suited for all kinds of farm work.

Maximum Power: 50–101 hp (37–75 kW)
Transmission: HiTech, Compact, Orchard
Models: A53, A63, A73, A83, A93

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A Series – light and agile Red White metal Blue metal Green metal Red metal Black metal Orange metal Yellow metal
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