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Valtra T Series tractors

155–271 HP

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T Series


When you need more from your tractor, the T Series is the ultimate precision tool with plenty of muscle. Perfect all-round visibility means that you have total control over your land from the comfort of your cab. And by letting technology work for you, you can rest assured knowing every aspect of your workday is handled down to a T.

Award-winning power and efficiency

Beauty, brains and brawn — the award-winning T Series tractor is a winner on all fronts, combining the power of smart technology with the strength of a 6-cylinder engine. Step into the cab and the best tractor experience is all around you with perfect 365 day and night visibility and plenty of space. The convenient A-pillar display puts information and control right where you need it. Valtra Smart technologies give you all-encompassing control over your work. The king on any terrain, the T Series gets going and moves smoothly while you reap the benefits. When you value power, precision and profit, the T Series is your working machine.

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What's new on the 5th generation T Series?


The T Series is made for you, with built-in comfort and perfected ergonomics. It delivers power when you need it and gives you full control in farming and contracting, complete with customisation options.

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Key features


The 6-cylinder AGCO Power engine is made to last. With low revs and high torque, it has the durability, efficiency and power to face any job. The Stage V engines have hydraulic lash adjustment and a 600 hour service interval, which translates into lower service costs and a longer lifecycle.


The Valtra T Series is a great choice for a multitude of tasks that demand power, such as lifting, loading and pulling – without compromising on agile movement. Front linkage does not limit the excellent turning angle of the front wheels and neither does the front loader. With the powerful front and rear hydraulics, you will save time and money, and what’s more, you will have easy control even with heavier implement combinations.


The T Series is a versatile and agile working machine that makes no compromises on power on the ground or for PTO. The 6-cylinder stage V engine with hydraulic lash adjustment guarantees strength that doesn’t run out. 2000 bar injection pressure ensures maximum precision and fuel efficiency. A right-sized turbocharger with electric by-pass valve provides high torque even at low revs. Advanced engine features comply with the latest emission standards without additional costs for you.

Right-sized AGCO Power engine

The beauty of the 6.6 and 7.4 liter engines is that the displacement is ideal for the power, meaning efficient overall fuel economy and strong pulling power on all engine revs.

Robust exhaust after-treatment

You can run your tractor without worrying about congested engine and expensive services. The engine after-treatment system cleans the exhaust according to the Stage V standard - without compromising on visibility.

Best overall economy

Through a partnership of 70 years, Valtra and AGCO Power have optimised fuel consumption to the most efficient level. Moreover, the T Series engines have Hydraulic Lash Adjustment for lower service cost.


Valtra’s T Series’ transmissions are designed and made by Valtra, and the fifth generation brings again new features. With Valtra you can drive your Powershift tractor like a CVT. In automatic modes the transmission does the shifting based on your acceleration and torque requirements, so you always get the best fuel economy and the power you need. Faster range shifting improves your driving experience on all models, and with the A-pillar display, your machine can be easily configured for full performance.




  • Five step powershift
  • Open centre 73/90 litre hydraulics
  • Mechanical spool valve controls
  • Basic or Armrest controls
  • Smart A-pillar display


  • Five step powershift
  • Load sensing hydraulics
  • Mechanical hydraulic controls
  • 115 lpm standard pump capacity
  • Optional 160 l/200 l pumps
  • Smart A-pillar display


  • Five step powershift 
  • Load sensing hydraulics
  • 115 lpm std pump capacity
  • Optional 160 l/200 l pumps
  • SmartTouch user interface
  • Smart A-pillar display


  • Efficient Valtra CVT
  • Automatic and manual modes
  • Load sensing hydraulics
  • SmartTouch user interface
  • Smart A-pillar display
Valtra N Series tractor 5th generation smart A pillar display new feature 2021


The large, clear and A-pillar display comes as standard with all models. It displays the needed tractor information, enables the control of key tractor settings and helps follow the tractor's performance. All settings are easily controlled with an encoder (rotating ring) and two push buttons.


The top of the display shows essential information such as your ground speed, clock time, the engine RPM and fuel levels. When needed, the rest of the display can be dimmed.

Middle and bottom

The middle and lower screens show the tractor’s transmission status and performance including pre-set gears and cruise speeds. You can configure the areas to display information that is essential to you and your tasks. In HiTech and Active models this also works as an easy-to-use tool for settings.

Information and warning lights

are also integrated in the A-pillar display as two LED icon matrixes, lit when needed.



Valtra Smart Farming is a set of technologies that work seamlessly together – Valtra Guide, ISOBUS, Section Control, Variable Rate Control and TaskDoc®. A key design principle of our technology solutions is the ease of use.

Use Smart Farming technology to be more productive and to save inputs and increase the yield of your fields. The N Series is packed with convenient technology that makes all your tasks easier.

All smart functions can be controlled with our innovative SmartTouch armrest. Tasks are managed with taps and swipes, just like your smartphone, but even easier. You can have the Smart Farming features also in Active and HiTech models and control them through the SmartTouch Extend screen.

Valtra Guide helps to improve efficiency, reduce overlap and enhance operator comfort, whatever the farm size. This is the future - happening right now!


Experience the T Series


Cost-effective options to meet your needs

Building your working machine with Valtra is an experience in itself.

We offer hundreds of different accessories and options to choose from, adding up to an infinite number of different combinations. Because picking and choosing can be difficult, we now offer cost-effective option packages to help you with decision-making.

The option packages make it easier to specify a new tractor: nothing important is left out and the resale price of the tractor is also taken into account. When purchased as a package, the equipment is less expensive than when ordered separately.

Best of all, the option packages do not limit you from selecting additional features from the Unlimited Studio.


The Comfort package improves your level of comfort with elevated features, such as an air-suspended driver’s seat, a suspended cab, front axle suspension, a control armrest with joystick and automatic reversing lights.

  • AIRES Front Axle Suspension & Compressed air system
  • Wide angle windscreen wiper
  • Suspended cab
  • Seat, Air Suspended+ OR Valtra Evolution
  • Work Light Premium or Premium+ with LED lights

Comfort Pro

The Comfort Pro package has everything included in the Comfort option package, and more. Premium interior options and a right side window wiper increase your working comfort, and your radio and phone can be controlled via SmartTouch (available in Versu and Direct models). Automatic air conditioning and a lower heater unit keep the climate of the cabin comfortable for work.

  • Premium interior
  • Automatic air conditioning + lower heater unit
  • Right side window wiper


The Technology package includes everything in the Comfort package and adds precision farming features that make connecting and operating implements easier and more productive. These include rear ISOBUS connectivity, power sockets, implement signal connection and the full Valtra Guide GPS guidance.

  • Full Valtra Guide: one of 4 options with Novatel or Trimble antenna
  • ISOBUS rear
  • AutoControl D, drive balance control + rear linkage slip control system with radar sensor
  • Automatic Slip Regulator system (Versu and Direct)
  • Power socket set
  • All options from Comfort

Technology Pro

The Technology Pro package includes all the features of the Comfort and
Technology packages. Moreover, it has everything you need for Smart Farming - including the SmartTouch Extend auxiliary display, a Valtra Wayline Assistant and Valtra Section control, as well as third party guidance support.

  • Full Valtra Guide centimetre accuracy with Novatel or Trimble antenna
  • Wayline Assistant
  • Precision farming: One of 4 Section Control or Section Control & Variable Rate options
  • SmartTouch Extend
  • TaskDoc Pro
  • Auto U-Pilot
  • All options from Comfort and Technology

Technology Pro X

Spend less time in the office and more on the field. The Technology Pro X includes all the features from Comfort, Technology and Technology Pro packages. On top of this, you will get all the needed services and subscriptions to the TaskDoc Pro server license and the agrirouter and have everything ready to transfer data between your FMIS system (connected either to the TaskDoc Pro server or to the agrirouter) and your Valtra tractor. This will make your life easier and save a lot of time and effort, as all the documentation is created automatically.

  • Valtra Section Control 36 + VRC 5 products
  • TaskDoc Pro server license 1 year
  • DKE agrirouter 1 year
  • All options from Comfort, Technology and Technology Pro

Valtra Unlimited

A tractor is the perfect machine for municipal work, forestry, airport maintenance, defense purposes and, of course, farming. It just needs to be done right. Whether it’s because of changing work needs or wanting to stand out from the crowd, there’s always a reason to go Unlimited. What do you need? What have you been dreaming of? Done and done. We make it happen.

Performance for any purpose

The Unlimited studio can fit any accessories and equipment that are not available directly from the production line during the normal manufacturing process. With Valtra Unlimited, your tractor is a true multi-purpose vehicle, built according to specifications given by you, with the design, comfort and features you need to perform in any environment.

Factory fitted

All the accessories and equipment fitted by the Valtra Unlimited studio are covered by the factory warranty, and we also supply all the servicing and spare parts for them. The accessories and equipment available from the Unlimited Studio include additional lights, central lubrication, stereo systems and much more.




Get total peace of mind with our service concept: Quick daily service checks, a 600 h service interval and Valtra Connect, Care and Go.

Tractor data, information and services: Stay connected anywhere, any time

Factory extended warranty: Total peace of mind.

Maintenance contract: Maximise your uptime



You only need five quick checks to ensure an uninterrupted workday. All maintenance is easy to do.

  • Visual check for tyre and oil leaks.
    Clean the grilles and radiator.
  • Check the coolant level.
  • Check the fuel and AdBlue levels.
  • Check the engine oil level.
  • Check the transmission oil level.


The financing of a Valtra machine is now easier and more flexible than ever before. With the Rent, Buy, Lease programme offered by AGCO Finance, we are able to build a financing solution to meet your needs. Together with Connect, Care & Go, it is the best way to keep your business cost-effective and stable.

Tractor ownership with optional Connect, Care & Go

Short term rental with inclusive services

Operational lease with or without service contract



Model Max Power with boost (ISO 14396) Model types
  hp kW Nm Active Versu Direct HiTech
T144 170 125 680 x x x x
T154 180 132 740 x x x x
T174e 190 140 780 x x x x
T194 210 154 870 x x x x
T214 230 169 910 x x x x
T234 250 184 1000 * x x x x
T254 271 199 1000 x x   x

* Direct 930


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