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Valtra A Series tractors

75–135 HP

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A Series

Valtra A Series red tractor in studio

VALTRA A SERIES TRACTOR: The 5th generation

The small giant that saves the day

With the A Series you get a compact tractor that delivers big productivity and all day comfort. The cabin is ergonomic and quiet, and it gives you excellent visibility in all directions.

Get exactly the right tractor for your needs

All seven A Series models are available with easy-to-use GL mechanical transmission. Our popular 105 and 115 horsepower models are also available with HiTech4 four-step powershift transmission, which is controlled electronically. All A Series tractors come with Valtra’s renowned shuttle transmission including an integrated handbrake.

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What's new on the 5th generation A Series?

  • 5 horsepower more on A105–A135 models
  • 2 Powershift gears optional on A75–A95 models
  • AutoTraction, which can be switched on/off
  • Dual-circuit hydraulic brakes
  • New control armrest on Gear Lever models
  • Upgraded Stage V compliant engines
  • 600-hour service intervals
  • Redesigned engine cover
  • Redesigned wheels
  • Optional PTO buttons on rear mudguard on HiTech 4 models
  • Valtra Connect remote monitoring optional
  • Automatic main power switch in the ignition switch

Jump in and get going

The A Series is your working machine. Sit in the driver’s seat and you’ll see why. The spacious cabin lets you get straight to work, with nothing in your way and everything in easy reach.

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Key features


The 5th generation A Series includes seven hard-working models, and all of them are available in GL versions with an easy-to-use mechanical transmission. The GL transmission is the best mechanical transmission ever seen in these sizes of tractor, and the 12 forward and 12 reverse gears are grouped into two to minimise lever changes.

Valtra A Series tractor 5th generation transmission armrest HiTech GL model 2021



A mechanically straightforward design that’s easy to use. It gives you a base transmission of 12+12R – or more with the HiTech2/creeper – all implemented so you can work without fatigue.

Valtra A Series tractor 5th generation transmission armrest HiTech GL model 2021



A sophisticated solution with no gear levers and the right speeds to match your work, and still easy to use.


Engine power   75, 85, 95 hp 105, 115 hp 125, 135 hp
Engine   New STAGE V, 3-cylinder compact series engines from AGCO Power New STAGE V 4-cylinder compact series engines from AGCO Power New 4-cylinder Compact series engines from AGCO Power
Wheel base


2250 mm 2430 mm 2500 mm


Mechanically controlled transmission

Valtra power shuttle transmission 12+12R or with HiTech2 24+24R  Valtra power shuttle transmission 12+12R Valtra power shuttle transmission 12+12R


Electronically controlled transmission, with optional creeper

  Valtra HiTech 4 with four step power shift; 16+16R transmission Electric control, no gear levers  

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HiTech4 electrical transmission is available for M chassis models, and we have also introduced HiTech2 transmissions for S chassis models. The HiTech2 transmission has 24 forward and 24 reverse gears with 6 synchronised gears in 2 ranges. It also includes Powershuttle with 2 speed powershift and speed matching. For added precision, the HiTech2 has a wide working range with 12 gears covering speeds between 7 and 17 km/h.

All three chassis are equipped with a 12+12R transmission with six
speeds in each of the two speed ranges and optional creeper. HiTech 4 electrically controlled transmission is available for the M chassis, and it features four ranges and four powershift gears, with an optional creeper. All models come with four wheel drive and Autotraction as standard.


With the 5th generation A Series, you get more power from the advanced and compact engines. All medium to large chassis models with four cylinder engines now deliver 5 hp more than the previous generation.

The latest A Series models are powered by AGCO POWER MBTN-D5 engines. The three smallest models have three cylinder 3.3 litre engines, while the four biggest models have four cylinder, 4.4 litre engines. These user-friendly engines are packed with state-of-the-art technology, like common rail 1600 bar fuel injection and four-valve cylinder heads, and have a service interval of 600 hours.

The compact engine means the bonnet can be smaller to give you a clear driving-direction view. The Stage V exhaust after-treatment unit is located under the cabin for optimal visibility. The complete package includes DOC, DPF and SCR using AdBlue and because there is no Exhaust gas recirculation (EGR), the engine always uses fresh, clean air.

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The sloping bonnet and large windows give you a clear view of your working area, and the front loader subframe is integrated into the tractor chassis at the factory for flawless operation.

The balanced chassis makes working with Valtra’s high quality front loaders easy and dependable. The great visibility and electronic control make it even better.

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Efficient and productive

Affordable purchase is just the start of the story; compare the low fuel and service costs against the performance of the machine see how much you profit.

Experience the A Series


We make it easy to build the perfect Valtra tractor. We offer hundreds of different accessories and options to choose from, adding up to an infinite number of different combinations. But picking and choosing can be difficult, which is why we now offer cost-effective option packages to help you with decision-making.

The option packages make it easier to specify a new tractor: nothing important is left out and the resale price of the tractor is also taken into account. When purchased as a package, the equipment is less expensive than when ordered separately.

Best of all, the option packages do not limit you from selecting additional features from the Unlimited Studio.

Valtra Unlimited

There’s always a reason to go Unlimited. What do you need? What have you been dreaming of? Done and done. We make it happen. Available for HiTech 4 models.

Form, function and style

Valtra Unlimited gives you more possibilities for versatility, from front loaders and PTO to special colours for municipality use. 5th generation A Series tractors are ready to work in reverse, and with Unlimited studio you can tailor your tractor to handle professional forest work, with features including forest protection and timber handling equipment. You can also choose the cab finish and you can make special requests to take your individual tractor experience to a higher level.

Factory fitted

All the accessories and equipment fitted by the Valtra Unlimited studio are covered by the factory warranty, and we also supply all the servicing and spare parts for them. The accessories and equipment available from the Unlimited Studio include additional lights, central lubrication, stereo systems and much more.

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Technical specifications

Max Power (ISO 14396)
    Transmission Options
Model HP kW NM Cylinders Wheelbase Basic 4 step powershift
A74 75 56 312 3 2250 12 + 12R 1) -
A84 85 63 347 3 2250 12 + 12R 1) -
A94 95 71 355 3 2250 12 + 12R 1) -
A104 100 75 410 4 2430 12 + 12R 1) 16 + 16R 2)
A114 110 82 417 4 2430 12 + 12R 1) 16 + 16R 2)
A124 120 89 502 4 2500 12 + 12R 1) -
A134 130 97 540 4 2500 12 + 12R 1) -

All models with power shuttle
With optional creeper 1) 24+24R, 2) 32+32R


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