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The special features of airport maintenance call for a specific vehicle. Safety issues, large working areas, long transits, need for a large fuel capacity, use of several implements and comfort for workers - all of this can be handled with a Valtra Unlimited tractor for aviation. 

Valtra offers a range of proven solutions for international, regional and local airports. Whether they are maintenance tasks during the summer time or runway clearing operations in winter, Valtra has the capabilities to provide comprehensive solutions that get the job done. In collaboration with trusted partners, the Valtra Unlimited studio equips your tractor with the right implements.

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What if there was one machine that can safely, conveniently, and quickly handle all the changing needs of airport maintenance? Tractors can easily replace trucks in airports due to their versatility and suitability for airport applications and the vast working area.

The build of a tractor is optimal in terms of visibility, comfort, ergonomics, and quality of work. The list of implements possible to fit on a tractor is nearly endless, and so is the list of tasks Valtra can handle.

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Cost efficiency 

By choosing a Valtra multi-purpose vehicle, costs of investments and operations can be reduced by up to 30 percent: truck-based de-icing equipment or blower sweeper cost the same as a Valtra equipped with the same hardware.

Increased user comfort

The user gets the benefits of a comfortable cab with great visibility to the implement. With the help of features such as auto-guidance, the operator can focus on securing the quality of the work.

Reliable partner

Valtra has European coverage for customer support, with 935 locations for service and spare parts. With high production volumes, the machines are durable and easy to maintain. Spare parts are also available for older machines. 

Environmentally friendlier

For the aviation industry, environmental aspects are ever more important. Valtra’s machines can be operated with renewable fuel and come with the latest emission reduction equipment. The machines are produced by using mostly locally sourced components to minimise the impact of transportation in terms of CO2 emissions. 


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An airport runway has several hundred different lights for different purposes. Lights need maintenance, and especially in wintertime they need to be carefully cleaned from snow. That's why snow ploughing is not enough, special tools are needed with plough & sweeper / brush combinations.

Runway edge lights are on average 43cm high, so a special tool is needed to properly clean the snow around the lights. This task can be taken care of with a light bar sweeper on a tractor.

Light bar sweepers are designed specifically for cleaning snow from light bars along airport runways. The equipment can be used as a normal plough for removing snow between the light bars, and the middle parts of the main wings are then moved aside to brush the light bars with two sweepers on both sides. The snow is then removed by the rear wings for further ploughing. Light bar sweepers can be used with medium-sized tractors. Combined with the Valtra auto-guidance system and reverse driving system, the work can be done very accurately, quickly, and easily.

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At an airport, grassland areas need to be kept short and tidy. The sides of the runway are especially vital due to the fact that animals - such as birds and rabbits - tend to make nests in higher vegetation, which may cause a safety risk for the safe take-off and landing of airplanes.

Even smaller airports can easily have around 50 ha of grass areas, and bigger airports have hundreds of hectares that need to be regularly maintained – many times per year.

A Valtra tractor with Valtra Guide and a towed rotary mower is the perfect combination for this task. Driving back and forth using long straight A-B lines with no unnecessary overlap between the passes makes the work easy and effective. By using Valtra Guide, you save time because overlap is kept to a minimum and the quality of work is excellent: The driver can focus more on the implement and their surroundings, keeping an eye out for obstacles from the cabin, which as a matter of fact boasts market leading visibility and comfort.

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