70 years of colourful tractors

In 1988, Valmet introduced a world first: a full range of colours for its tractors. For the first time, customers were able to choose from five colour options. Ever since, Valmet and Valtra customers have been able to choose the colour they like.

The history of Valmet tractors dates back 70 years to 1951, when the Valmet 15 was introduced. At that time, the colour was red, including the engine cover and the chassis. These all-red tractors were manufactured for nine years until the introduction of the Valmet 361 in 1960. The new tractor was also red, except the front grille and the lower edge of the engine cover were grey.

The big change came in the late 1960s, when Valmet launched the 100 Series. Valmet tractors were given a new yellow colour, while the chassis and front grille were brown. The next change came in 1971, when the Valmet 02 Series was introduced. While the main colours remained yellow-brown, the brown colour of the chassis was used also on the engine cover.

The appearance of Valmet tractors was update again in 1979 with the launch of the 03 Series. Although the model number still ended in 02 on some models, the new series is generally referred to as 03. The new tractors were a brighter yellow, while the colour of the chassis and engine cover became a lighter shade of brown. The new look was completed by the addition of a third colour, white being used for the wheels and the roof of the cab. These white-roofed tractors became known as student models due to their similarity to white Finnish student caps. The wheels on Valmet and Valtra tractors have been painted white since 1979.

The red colour theme made a comeback with the launch of the new Nordic Volvo BM Valmet in 1982. The chassis, front grille and engine cover of the new 05 Series became black, the wheels remained white and the side panels and cab became red. On the smaller 04 Series models, the roof colour remained white from the previous upgrade, but otherwise the colours were the same as on the 05 Series. The model designation was white on the side panel. The next change came in 1986, when the name reverted to Valmet. The colours remained the same, but the model designation on the side panel came on a black background.

Since the introduction of the 05 Series in 1988, Valmet and Valtra tractors have been available in a range of colours.

Colour options like on cars

The last change came with the introduction of a complete range of colour options in 1988. Customers now had five different colours to choose from: red, blue, yellow, green and white. The new tractors could be distinguished also by the model designation on the side panel, the background of which now corresponded to the main colour of the tractor.

The same colours have also been offered on the tractors manufactured at the Brazilian factory. When operations began there in 1960, Valmet tractors were all red. The next 600 D models were also red, but the front grille and the edges of the engine cover were grey. The colour scheme conformed very closely to that used on tractors made in Finland. The following 60 id and 80 id models were yellow, and Valmet/Valtra tractors made in Brazil since then have been mostly yellow.

Since 1988, Valtra customers have been able to choose the colour of their tractor. Valtra tractors have also been available in special colours for specific applications, such as yellow or orange for road maintenance tasks.