Vision-based Intelligent Electronic Warnings: Machine vision keeps an electronic eye out for vehicles and pedestrians

Sound familiar? You are driving your tractor onto a main road, but your view is impaired by a fence, vegetation or other obstructions at the junction. Perhaps you have a mower or snow plough attached to the front that is already halfway across the road before you can see properly out the side of the cab.

Unlimited VIEW is a new feature that solves this problem with the help of cameras and machine vision. The system’s high-resolution cameras can be attached, for example, to both sides of the front implement and behind the trailer as a reversing camera. When another vehicle, pedestrian or cyclist enters the camera’s field of vision, the machine vision recognises it and warns the operator of the tractor with both an audio alarm and a visual symbol on the screen. The audio alarm can also be deactivated in congested but safe surroundings.

Unlimited VIEW is available from Valtra’s Unlimited Studio as an option on N, T and Q Series Valtra tractors with ISOBUS implement management. The package includes three cameras and a separate display unit, which are connected by cables that provide both power and a high-resolution image that can be interpreted by the machine vision. Unlimited VIEW enhances safety while making tractor tasks easier and faster. •