Front-loader control system integrated into SmartTouch

Precision Lift & Load application makes front-loader work safer, easier, more efficient and more accurate, adding even more dimensions to Valtra’s already excellent front-loader tractors. Smart front-loader control system is operated from the tractor’s SmartTouch display.

Precision Lift & Load application is the easiest-to-use front-loader control system on the market. It includes a loader scale, work range limits, memory settings for different front-loader positions, a shake function and end position damping. Application is operated from the SmartTouch touchscreen and does not require any separate controls or displays.

“Our aim was to make the application as easy to use as possible, so we integrated it into SmartTouch. The features and usability have been carefully honed,” says project engineer Petri Hokkanen together with usability designer Arto Riimala and software designers Jani Kortelahti and Ilkka Tonteri, who participated in the development of the new system.

Smart front-loader uses the same hardware as Valtra’s other front loaders except with the addition of two pressure sensors and two position sensors plus an ECU controller inside the beam. The key role is played by the software, which combines the data collected by the sensors and transmits the driver’s wishes to the loader.

Smart front-loader uses the same hardware as Valtra’s other front loaders except with the addition of two pressure sensors and two position sensors plus an ECU controller inside the beam. Despite all the new functions, the front loader can still be controlled by joystick.

  1. ECU controller
  2. Pressure sensors (2 pcs)
  3. Position sensors (2 pcs)

Safety, ease and efficiency

Precision Lift & Load application facilitates the work of both farmers and contractors. For example, the loader scale makes it possible to feed livestock with extreme accuracy according to a specific formula or customers to be billed according to the precise loads of grain or soil in kilograms.


”Our aim was to make the application as easy to use as possible.”

The automatic angle control and upper and lower limits for loader movements make working safer in tight spaces, for example. Loading is also easier when the system takes care of the upper and lower limits automatically. The end position damping reduces wear on both the tractor and the front loader and makes working more comfortable.

Precision Lift & Load application will be soon available on all G, N and T Series tractors with the SmartTouch armrest directly from the factory. In the future, application will also be made available as a retrofit package for 5th generation SmartTouch tractors.

Precision Lift & Load application functions

Loader Scale

Loader accurately weighs each bucket, bale or pallet. The loader scale can also add up the desired number of lifts, for example the total weight of one load, for example. A target weight can be set on the scale, and SmartTouch shows how the target weight is filled bucket by bucket when loading. The scale also counts the number of weighings, allowing the operator to see how many bales, for example, have been loaded at the end of the day. The data can be stored on a USB drive and transferred to the contractor’s billing system, for example.

Automatic Angle Control (AAC)

The Automatic Angle Control function allows the operator to set the desired position of the beams and implement in the system’s memory. AAC makes it easy to find the correct plough position when using a snow plough, for example. For safety reasons, however, the front loader does not move automatically to the desired position; instead, the operator must move the loader until it stops at the desired position. When the loader stops at the set position, the function is switched off, allowing the loader to be further adjusted.

Work Range Limits (WRL)

Work range limits can be set for the front-loader beams and implement so that they are not exceeded. For example, when working inside a low building, the maximum height of the loader can be limited. The work range limit can be set for the beams, the implement or both. When no limits are required, the function can be switched off by pressing a button on the joystick.

Shake Function

Front-loader has an adjustable shake function. By moving the joystick sideways, the operator can select a faster vibration or slower shake. Shaking enables soil to be removed from the bucket, soil to be levelled and sand to be spread on snowy roads, for example.

End Position Damping (EPD)

End position damping prevents the front loader from accidentally hitting the maximum upper or lower position. The loader knows when the hydraulic cylinder is running out of range and dampens the movement shortly before the end position. EPD makes work smoother and reduces wear on the machine.

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