New customisable work light system available from Valtra Unlimited

Better working visibility and reduced glare for tractor operators

Valtra Unlimited has unveiled a new LED work light system that enables tractor operators to customise their work light system. Users can choose their own preferred colour temperature from a warm yellow 2700K to a cold blue 6500K and light intensity from 0 to up to 2900 effective lumen. The system also allows users to group sets of lights together and control them from either the system’s remote control or via a special mobile app.

The versatility of the system means users can find their own preferred light and colour level for working in different conditions. For example, when working in snowy, dusty or foggy conditions a lower colour temperature produces less glare. Petri Loukiala, Senior Manager, Brand Management, Unlimited Operations at Valtra, highlights the safety benefits of using the system, “We know tractor operators often work in challenging conditions and still need safe illumination for their working environment. With the Valtra Unlimited work light system, they can achieve exactly the right light level they need and still avoid stressing their eyes or dazzling other vehicle users. Now operators can adjust their light configuration easily and smartly even from outside the tractor with their own smart phone.”   

The Valtra Unlimited work light system was first introduced for Valtra’s new sixth generation S Series at Agritechnica in September 2023. The system is now available for all new N Series, T Series and Q Series orders.