Red Dot Design Award 2022

Valtra N Series

Valtra N Series tractor wins Red Dot Design Award 2022

One of the newest Valtra tractor series, the 5th generation N Series, wins the Red Dot Design Award 2022 in the Red Dot: Product Design award series. The latest Red Dot Award continues Valtra’s tremendous success in the Red Dot design competition over the past decades.

The Red Dot Award won by the Valtra N Series is an excellent demonstration of the principle of continuous development, in which brand-new features that enhance everyday use for the customer have been introduced on an already excellent product. For example, the new digital display on the A-pillar provides a completely new user experience compared to the previous controls. The position and visibility of the new display is optimal when working, and setting up the tractor is now very easy and intuitive, even on the basic model. The new N Series tractors are also packed with improvements that enhance safety such as the new LED daytime running lights. These are visible from afar, attract the attention of others even in bright conditions, and also help reduce energy consumption compared to traditional solutions.

The 5th generation N Series was unveiled in 2021 and it was designed based on the award-winning fourth generation and by incorporating customer feedback to further improve the N Series. 

Our new generation tractors have been designed to offer the customer the best possible tractor experience. The tractor should not only look good, but it must also serve in a range of applications. We have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from our customers, many describing the tractor as very comfortable and easy to use especially in terms of smart farming technology, says Kimmo Wihinen, Department Lead, Industrial Design & User Experience.

The Red Dot competition is the most prestigious design competition in the world. Winning the award is recognised as a mark of excellent design and user experience excellence at an international level. In addition to design and aesthetics, the evaluation criteria also include functionality, intelligence, and innovation. Customers can experience the award-winning N Series in Valtra’s Showroom