From the virtual to the real - Battle in the land of breeding

Here we go again for Stervio & Germain... and his friends known to the networks, who will once again compete behind the wheel of tractors at the end of April in the Allier department. Through this staging, which will go viral on the networks through a YouTube video, the objective is to seduce the community of Farming Simulator players, who will be potential candidates for training in agricultural jobs and retraining in this sector.

Going from the virtual to the real at the “Lycée agricole du Bourbonnais”, a french agricultural high school. Going beyond the virtual, the real event: "Farming Reality" is a farm within agricultural establishments, real machines, motivated teams, and influencers present in large numbers. It is always in this spirit that Farming Reality 2023 takes place.

One day is dedicated to the battle between influencers around a grass harvesting site in wrapping. Windrowing, baling, wrapping and transport will be the events of the day. This battle will be broadcasted on May 13th on Stervio's Youtube channel (400 000 subscribers).

A second day is planned for April 28 during which the influencers will be able to meet the general public, and their fans. This day will be based on the "Agrinnov'" forum organized by the agricultural high school and about forty local agricultural actors. More than 1,200 students are expected to attend, as well as the general public, in order to discover innovation in the world of animal husbandry.

Beforehand, a virtual competition on Farming Simulator will be organized to select the young people who will be able to compete with the agri-influencers during the video shooting by Stervio & Germain Vlog Agricole on the first day of the event. A close collaboration with GIANTS and his French distributor, creator of the legendary video game Farming Simulator, who wanted to be part of the adventure, with the aim of becoming the first video game to recruit!

To follow the broadcasting of this unique event, please visit Stervio's Youtube channel, as well as Farming Reality and "Sous le Hangar" social networks.

Farming Reality is an event owned by 4 actors :

  • VALTRA : manufacturer of agricultural tractors, represented by Charlotte MOREL
  • LesBlacksMoutons: an agency specialized in events, digital communication and influence in the agricultural sector, represented by Jean-Baptiste VERVY, also a farmer.
  • Bastien COUTURE aka Stervio: Youtuber and Farming Simulator Pro player
  • Germain CHOISEL alias Germain Vlog Agricole, Youtubeur

Without forgetting the two co-founders, Mickaël JACQUEMIN, APECITA & Jean-Paul HEBRARD, PowerBoost.

The initiative is supported by major partners :

  • Official sponsors: AGCO Finance, Michelin, Dieci, Mc Hale, Alö Quicke, Agriaffaires, Revolution Race, JobAgri & Farming Simulator via PLAION France.
  • Influencers who support the project and who will communicate with us : Thierry Agriculteur d'aujourd'hui, JFIT Farmer, Dams en Folie, Adrien Ostins " Le Viticulteur ", Robin Millet, David Mg 33, Pauline "EthoDiversité ", and many others!
  • The agricultural high school of Bourbonnais in Neuvy (03)

Do not hesitate to relay or contact:

Jean-Baptiste VERVY, Les Blacks Moutons : / 06 07 11 65 57

Charlotte MOREL, Marketing and Communication Valtra France: / +33609031780

A reminder of the 2021 edition: On December 4, 2021, "Farming Reality" was born. An event created especially for the purpose of promoting the professions in agriculture. It was the Ministry of Agriculture, as part of the communication campaign #lesentrepreneursduvivant that had launched "The Tournament" an e-gaming competition on the game Farming Simulator. The objective: to promote the sector, especially among young people who seem to be disinterested in it.