N154e Versu – Valtra’s nominee for Tractor of the Year

A tractor that is more than just a tractor


The Valtra N154e Versu is more than just a tractor. The N154e Versu means the possibility of tailoring the tractor precisely for individual needs already on the production line and in the Unlimited Studio, where only the laws of physics and road traffic regulations are the limit. The N154e also means tractor-related services, such as Valtra Connect remote monitoring, comprehensive service packages, extended warranties, remanufactured parts, environmentally friendly Neste My diesel and connectivity to other technologies on the farm. The Valtra N154e Versu is not just a machine, but rather an entire lifespan solution that comprises multiple services.

The Valtra N154e Versu combines the latest technology with proven engineering. The reliable and durable four-cylinder 4.9-litre AGCO Power engine produces 155 horsepower and 165 horsepower with power boost. Emissions are managed by Stage V compatible selective catalytic reduction (SCR) and a diesel particulate filter (DPF). An electronic wastegate provides torque at low revs, while hydraulic valve adjustment reduces maintenance costs. Traditions are maintained by the classic design of the AGCO Power engine, in which the wet cylinder liners are centrally supported.

The EcoPower feature that was introduced already in 1999 reduces noise, extends the service life of the engine and reduces fuel consumption by up to ten percent. When the driver selects Eco mode, the maximum engine speed is reduced from 2100 to 1900 rpm, maximum power is available at 1750 instead of 1900 rpm, and maximum torque arrives at 1250 instead of 1500 rpm. This makes working relaxed, efficient and productive – and the annual fuel bill is thousands of euros less.

Powershift revolution

Valtra’s Versu transmission has represented a revolution in powershift gearboxes. The 30F+30R transmission makes it possible to operate the tractor like one with a fully stepless transmission, except the efficiency and feeling of power are similar to a traditional powershift transmission.

The Valtra N154e Versu can be driven using just the drive lever or just the pedal, just like with a stepless transmission. The Cruise feature changes powershift gears and maintains the desired driving speed or engine speed even in hilly terrain. The Hill Hold feature prevents the tractor from rolling backwards on inclines without having to use the clutch, allowing the driver to simply press the accelerator to move off again. The Hydraulic Assistant in turn increases revs automatically whenever the hydraulics require more power, while Automatic Slip Regulation (ASR) optimises slip when pulling heavy loads.

The Valtra N154e Versu is a four-cylinder tractor that can be used as both an agile front-loader machine and a powerful pulling machine on fields. The lifting power is 7900 kilos at the rear and 4700 kilos at the front linkage. The hydraulics produce up to 200 l/min of output available from five valves at the rear and four at the front. The tractor’s hydraulics and transmission use separate oils to prevent fluids from implements from contaminating the transmission oil. 

Powershift transmissions

Driver’s comfort zone

Whereas the Valtra N154e Versu can be driven outside the comfort zone, the driver never has to leave his or her own comfort zone. The noise level inside the cab is less than 70 decibels, and visibility is excellent with over six square metres of glass. Visibility remains unimpeded thanks to a front windscreen wiper that covers 270 degrees, a side wiper, electrically heated windows at the front and rear, and electrically adjustable mirrors and working lights

Drivers of the Valtra N154e Versu may also feel like they are floating on air when operating the tractor, because they actually are. The front axle suspension, cab suspension and seat suspension are all pneumatic, ensuring an extremely smooth ride even in cold conditions and over rough terrain.

The SmartTouch armrest has already become a legend in the industry and a yardstick for other manufacturers. The display’s user interface is so simple that all functions can be found behind no more than two clicks or swipes.

SmartTouch can also be used to control all the Smart Farming technologies available on the Valtra N154e Versu. For example, SmartTouch can be used as the display for the new Valtra Guide automated steering system, as well as for the Task Doc, Variable Rate Control and Section Control features.

Valtra tractors are also services

In addition to the latest technology and a durable engine, comfortable cab and versatile transmission, the Valtra N154e Versu is also an entire package of services. Valtra understands that tractors are not purchased just for the sake of owning a tractor but rather to perform specific tasks. As a result, support services accompany the physical tractor.

Thanks to Valtra’s tailor-made philosophy and the Unlimited Studio, the N154e Versu is delivered from the factory ready for each individual customer’s specific tasks. All accessories and options are compatible and covered by the same warranty and spare parts network than the rest of the tractor.

The Valtra Connect remote monitoring system in turn keeps the wheels turning. It enables farmers and contractors to keep track of where their tractors are currently operating and what they are doing, and best of all, all the information is stored. Valtra Connect also makes it easier for service technicians to resolve problems and anticipating maintenance needs.

Comprehensive service agreements make tractor ownership carefree and simple. Valtra Connect enables Valtra’s service technicians to monitor the condition of the tractor, Valtra Care extends the tractor’s warranty, and Valtra Go covers all servicing at an agreed price. These service agreements are ideal for large companies and communities that want to budget precisely their tractor-related expenses years in advance.

The total package offered by Valtra includes caring for the environment. Valtra tractors are tanked at the factory with Neste My Renewable Diesel. The reduction in emissions achieved by using renewable diesel at the Suolahti factory corresponds to the removal of over 600 cars from our roads each year. The EcoPower feature in turn helps drivers use up to 10 percent less fuel thanks to higher torque at lower revs. Finally, when the tractor begins to reach the end of its service life, it can be given a new lease on life with remanufactured transmission and engine parts, saving both money and the environment at the same time.

Connect Care & Go

Winners of Tractor of the Year will be releaved at Agritechnica 2019 on 10 November.