Valtra tractor number 1000 imported to Czech Republic and Slovakia


At the end of February this year, there was a special opportunity to celebrate the handover to a new owner of already one thousand VALTRA tractor imported into the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic. Exclusive importer of Valtra tractors situated in the city Beroun - company TOPAGRI s.r.o., together with the Embassy of the Republic of Finland, organized a dignified reminder of this milestone at the residence of the Finnish ambassador in Prague.

80 invited guests were welcomed outside the residence with the standing Valtra tractor T254 in special black metallic painting. Special welcome deserved also Mr. Josef Kincl and his son Josef Kincl and Mr Michal Havelka, representatives of Horymas SK, spol. s r.o. from the Starého Města u Bruntálu, the new owner of the thousandth tractor. Mrs. Ludmila Horská, who, as a business partner of TOPAGRI, managed the sale of the tractor was also one of the most important to be here.

Besides the host, Finnish Ambassador Mr. Jukka Pesola, the importance of this event was given with the presence of Valtra President Mr. Jari Rautjärvi, chairman of the Agricultural Union of the Czech Republic Martin Pýcha, vice president of the Agrarian Chamber of the Czech Republic Josef Kubiš, representatives of agricultural universities, major forestry and agricultural enterprises, regional Valtra dealers from Czech and Slovak Republic and other distinguished guests.

As mentioned at the beginning of the ceremony, the executive of TOPAGRI s.r.o. Jiří Zikmund, in the thirteen year history of the company, Horymas SK was one of the first customers to purchase the Valtra tractor and now the machine fleet enriches the sixth tractor of this brand. This reflects confidence and good cooperation between the importer, the regional dealer and the customer. He said that for a better understanding of what a thousand tractors are delivered, it is possible to imagine them line-up in a row that would measure five kilometers long. Despite the fact that Topagri entered the seemingly busy market years ago, thanks to the efforts of all our associates, Valtra has built up nearly five percent of market share in our country.

After brief talks and thanks for the cooperation from the ambassador and the president of Valtra, a new owner of the tractor, represented by Mr. Kincl, who said that years ago when buying the first Valtra, could not imagine buying a sixth. What he thinks about their quality said very briefly and aptly: "Which one of you has not bought Valtra tractor yet, just go and buy it immediately!"

Mrs. Ludmila Horská also thanked for their cooperation with the desire to continue to work together. She joined the other pre-speakers who expressed their determination to sell another thousand Finnish tractors to our farmers, forest owners and the public sphere as soon as possible. In memory of this special delivery of the one thousand tractor, all other Valtra will be marked with exclusive logo Valtra 1000+.

The festive moments of all present were made more pleasant by the music band Hlasoplet, which contributed to the great atmosphere throughout the afternoon and accompanied the singing and consumption of Finnish specialties at the final banquet.