Valtra offers free update for its customers to enhance precision farming features

Section Control 96 with Multiboom provides even higher precision

Precision farming will become even more precise when Valtra customers get access to the Section Control 96 with Multiboom feature. Section Control automation has previously been able to divide the boom of an ISOBUS-compatible sprayer, for example, into 24 or 36 sections. The new Section Control 96, by comparison, can divide the boom into up to 96 different sections, while the Multiboom feature makes it possible to simultaneously control up to three different booms fully automatically.

On a seed drill, for example, fertiliser can be spread in the first feed system, seed in the next and starter fertiliser or small seed in the third. Depending on the implement, the seed and fertiliser hoppers are often divided between two or more sections. The new Section Control 96 with Multiboom can control each of these sections and feeders with centimetre accuracy,” says Product Specialist Johan Grotell.

The new feature is ideal for controlling such implements as ISOBUS-compatible seed drills, sprayers, spreaders and row crop cultivators. For example, if the boom of a 24-metre sprayer is divided into sections at 25-centimetre intervals, as many as 96 independently controlled sections are created. The implement can have sections controlled by separate feeders in one, two or three consecutive rows. Alternatively, one implement can be in front of the tractor and the other at the rear. As the width of implements is growing year by year, ISOBUS implement management is increasingly required to control them precisely. The more irregular the fields, the greater the benefit.

“Valtra’s Section Control is very easy to operate from the touchscreen on the SmartTouch armrest. The interface on the new version is similar to the old one, only the number of sections has been added. The tractor must also have Valtra Guide auto guidance and ISOBUS implement control,” Grotell adds.

Section Control helps farmers make better use of their fields by eliminating overlaps and gaps. At the same time, it saves time, effort and fuel while improving the quality and quantity of the harvest. Section Control can easily save at least 5% on inputs such as seeds, fertilisers and plant protection products.

Best of all, customers with 5th generation and 4th generation Valtra tractors who are already using Valtra’s Section Control 36 will have easy and free access to the new features once the tractor software is updated at the next scheduled maintenance. Customers using Section Control 24 can purchase the upgrade to the new. The upgrade is available for 5th generation Valtra tractors immediately and will be available for 4th generation Valtra tractors later this year.