Smart Turn automatically turns the tractor in the headland

Focus on quality of work

25 April 2022

Valtra drivers now benefit from completely automatic headland turns of their tractor. Together with Auto U-Pilot headland automation and Valtra Guide automated steering, the new SmartTurn feature completes the automation of field tasks by automatically turning the tractor in the headland.

As a result, the driver does not have to touch the steering wheel at all on the entire field. This novelty improves precision, saves time and fuel, prevents soil compaction and enables the driver to focus entirely on the quality of work. 

Working with SmartTurn begins by defining the boundary of the field and headland, unless they are already programmed into the Valtra Guide system. After this, the required turning radius is calibrated according to the type of implement being used and by turning the tractor sharply to the right and left. The final step is to select between two turning options: 

  • U-turn mode: The tractor turns automatically in the headland into the adjacent undriven wayline. The tractor makes a small U-shaped turn in the headland according to the maximum turning radius. This requires a relatively large headland.
  • Part-field mode: The tractor turns automatically in the headland into the third, fourth or further wayline. This requires a smaller headland than for U-turns.

U-turns and part-field mode are suitable for both mounted and trailed implements. 

Together with Auto U-Pilot headland management and Valtra Guide automated steering, SmartTurn enables the complete automation of field tasks. As a result, the driver can focus entirely on the implement and the task being performed – also when approaching the headland. This reduces stress and helps ensure a more consistent quality of work. SmartTurn also makes it possible to work safely and accurately in dark, foggy and dusty conditions.

SmartTurn will be available from April 2022 for 5th-generation N and T Series tractors. It will also be available for 4th -generation models and for other 5th –generation models later in 2022. SmartTurn is a new software feature and does not require any mechanical modifications to tractors equipped with Valtra Guide. Tractor owners can simply purchase the update from their local Valtra workshop.

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