Tailor your tractor easily with an option package

6 January 2021

Freedom of choice is nice, but at times it can also be complicated. Valtra tractors offer dozens and even hundreds of different accessories and options to choose from, and they all add up to millions of different combinations.

Valtra now wants to help customers tailor their tractors. While customers still have complete freedom to specify their tractors any way they like, we are now offering ready option packages to make their choices a little easier. In addition to the basic level, we offer the following option packages: 

  • Comfort
  • Technology
  • Technology Pro

As its name suggests, the Comfort package includes specifications that enhance comfort, such as cab and front axle suspension and a better driver’s seat. The Technology package includes everything in the Comfort package plus precision farming features, such as Valtra Guide automated steering and ISOBUS implement management. The Technology Pro package includes all of the above plus even more precision farming features, such as a SmartTouch Extend auxiliary display.

The new option packages make it easier to specify a new tractor: nothing important is left out and the resale price of the tractor is also taken into account. When purchased as a package, the equipment is less expensive than when ordered separately. In addition, the delivery time for a tractor with a standardised option package is often shorter than for a fully tailored one. In fact, it is even possible that a suitable tractor can even be found already in stock at a dealer or importer. And best of all, the option packages do not in any way prevent customers from selecting additional features, such as a front loader or something truly unique from the Unlimited Studio.

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