Valtra Connect learns to predict service needs

From repairing faults to preventive maintenance

29 January 2021

Valtra Connect has for several years enabled tractor owners and their local service technicians to monitor tractor data remotely. In the near future, customers can choose to make this data available to the AGCO Machine Monitoring Center, where service needs can be detected in advance through the continuous processing and analysis of the data transmitted by tractors.

Service teams used to react to visible faults, but in the future it will also be possible to predict a wide range of service needs in advance

“Traditionally, service teams used to react to visible faults, but in the future it will also be possible to predict a wide range of service needs in advance. For example, a component that is at the end of its life cycle can be changed during servicing before it breaks,” says Jani Rautiainen, Director, Parts and Service.

The tractor’s sensors measure dozens of different variables, such as speeds, temperatures, pressures, operating hours, flows and so on. If the Machine Monitoring Center detects that a component is failing on the basis of its temperature, operating hours and pressure, for example, a message can be sent to the local service centre or the customer.

“The nearest authorised Valtra service centre to the customer will receive a message explaining the suspected fault, instructions for fixing the fault, a list of the required components and an estimate of the time needed to make the repairs. This gives both the service centre and the customer the chance to agree on a suitable time to service the tractor,” Rautiainen explains.

Service being phased in

The new service underwent testing in 2020 among customers in real-life conditions. The same system is already in use or being introduced for other AGCO tractors, harvesters and sprayers, so there is already a lot of practical experience with the service.

“The service is already being phased in. The system is being developed all the time, so its ability to detect possible problems in advance and provide service technicians and the customer with repair instructions is improving continuously. This development work is facilitated by the fact that we can utilise the same technologies in other AGCO products.”

No additional costs, hardware or software

The new service will be offered as part of Valtra Connect, so there will be no additional cost to customers. Similarly, no new hardware or software will be required. For existing Valtra Connect customers, accessing the service will be simple. Naturally, customers also have the option to not begin using the new service.

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