Valtra tractors ready for precision farming and automated steering

Wayline Assistant enhances automated steering

28 August 2020

Valtra G, N, T and S Series tractors are all designed for precision farming. Automated steering and other precision farming features are easy to use thanks to the award-winning SmartTouch armrest. Versu and Active models in the new G Series can also be equipped with the same precision farming features as Valtra’s bigger models. Valtra Connect telemetry in turn enables tractor data to be shared easily with service technicians and farm offices, for example.

Valtra now offers a new Wayline Assistant option together with Valtra Guide automated steering on G, N, T and S Series models (100–400 hp). Wayline Assistant significantly enhances automated steering by making it simple to store individual, meandering waylines in the memory. This is particularly useful when applying pesticide and fertiliser.

Wayline Assistant is the best new feature in the Valtra Guide automated steering system since it was first launched.

“Wayline Assistant is the best new feature in the Valtra Guide automated steering system since it was first launched. It makes all field tasks easier, especially on smaller and irregular fields. Our customers are doing a good job adopting the new features that we launched at the start of 2020, and most SmartTouch systems are now specified with these features,” says Johan Grotell, Technology Product Specialist.

Wayline Assistant also makes it possible to create segmented waylines manually, either from existing waylines or according to the edges of the field. If there are multiple waylines crisscrossing the field, the automated steering selects the most appropriate wayline also in the headland or when the edge of the field is at an angle.

Wayline Assistant is available as an option on new Valtra tractors, and it can also be retrofitted easily to models equipped with the SmartTouch armrest and auxiliary screen. Retrofitting requires no new mechanical parts and involves a simple software update by an authorised service technician. Customers can also purchase other features with SmartTouch, including TaskDoc Pro, Section Control and Variable Rate Control.

Agrirouter connects implements to the farm

Many farms have tractors, implements and harvesters by different brands. Precision farming, efficiency and traceability demand increased data sharing between different machinery, cultivation plans and partners.

Valtra is a partner in the Agrirouter data exchange cloud service. Agrirouter is a neutral platform to which data can be sent from farms and tractors and then shared with other machines on the farm, contractors, advisory services, cultivation planners and even the food industry.

Agrirouter also provides access to easy-to-use NEXT cultivation plan software and the NEXT Machine Management module, which can exchange data between tractors and implements by different brands. Users also have access to the Wayline Converter tool, which enables waylines created by other automated steering systems to be used with Valtra Guide. Agrirouter is already connected to over ten farm management software systems in different countries, and its coverage is expanding with each month.

Registering for Agrirouter is free of charge and can be done on the website. The service is currently available in English, French and German, but additional languages and partners are being added all the time.

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