First Unlimited tractor purchased by a tractor salesperson

Jarmo Tynilä is a tractor salesperson at AGCO Finland’s Seinäjoki location, but he also runs his own grain farm for which he ordered a new Valtra N163 Direct at the end of 2012.

“The marketing manager called before the delivery of the tractor to ask if it would be a problem if the machine was delayed a little while a few test installations were done on it. I asked what exactly was going to be installed on it, but the manager just said not to worry, it will be good,” Tynilä recalls.

Tynilä saw his new tractor for the first time at the beginning of 2013 at a meeting of Finnish sales personnel – and he was surprised.

“My new tractor was there on display when the Unlimited Studio concept was introduced to us salespeople. It had better audio, tinted windows,  Unlimited floor mats, lights on the pedals, 360-degree waist lights, additional lights on the front fenders, carbon fibre body wrap, and a heated wiper blade. I wouldn’t have needed many of those accessories myself, but I quickly noticed that the better audio increases comfort enormously, while the tinted windows keep the cab cooler. At first, many salespeople wondered if any customers would actually order such equipment for their work machines, but now we know they do.”

Around 60 to 70 percent of the tractors sold by Tynilä now go through the Unlimited Studio. Once customers order Unlimited options for their tractor, they will also want them for their next machines.

“In the Unlimited Studio, tractors can be equipped even more comprehensively, ready for work, and all equipment can be covered by the same financing and warranty. The tractor is tailored to the customer’s work like a glove.”

Tynilä’s ten-year-old Unlimited tractor is already with its next owner.

“I had it for five years and drove it for 2300 hours. It was one of the best tractors I’ve had, and probably the best looking. Unlimited options are highly desirable even when used and can make it easier to sell the tractor.”

Valtra salesperson and farmer Jarmo Tynilä purchased the world’s first Unlimited tractor in 2013. He didn’t know about the special features of the N163 Direct that he had ordered until the tractor was unveiled.

Special 10th anniversary packages

Unlimited 10 years Light Edition packages

  • Extra USB outlet
  • Phone holder with wireless charging
  • Special logo on steering wheel
  • Unlimited 10 years sign on ignition lock
  • Unlimited signs on exhaust and air intake
  • Unlimited floor mat and seat cover
  • Unlimited 10 years sticker on SmartTouch armrest
  • + Gift set (bag, LED headlamp, multi-tool and cleaning set)

Unlimited 10 years Full Edition (in addition to the above)

  • Black leather driver’s and passenger seats
  • New monitor hardware
  • + Gift set (same as Light plus Valtra Collection gift certificate for the purchase of an Unlimited jacket)