Unleash your imagination with Valtra Unlimited

With Unlimited, your tractor is truly "tailor-made". From paintwork to interior and the dozens of combinations of light, electrical sockets and hydraulic valves. There is even a breathalyzer.

Do you want a tailor-made tractor? With Valtra Unlimited, you can. Launched a few years ago, the range is being constantly enhanced with additional features. They cover practically every aspect of the tractor: from colour to interior, lighting to hydraulic outlets, as well as features you didn’t even know existed, such as tyre options and a breathalyzer, which prevents the ignition from starting if the driver is over the limit.

Colours without Limits

So far in Italy, the Unlimited feature has been used above all to customise paintwork colour to gold with white interiors, blue-water effect, and road-sign yellow. Unlimited, however, goes beyond just paintwork by allowing you to add accessories as you desire. It should be strongly emphasised that coupled with all of the above, there is full assistance from our Valtra factory and R&D. The hydraulic outlets, additional lights, and automatic lubrication etc. are installed at the factory and are therefore under warrantee by Valtra and included in the maintenance plans, including spare part numbers.

Some Examples

The almost infinite possibilities of Valtra Unlimited will be showcased at the Eima exhibition. For the extra curious customer, here are some previews that may inspire you. The various colours and patterns that are available, the lights (with LEDs for the roof, rear, staircase and even for the front loader), extra hydraulic valves, the extra fuel tank and the possibility of having the front PTO rotate clockwise instead of anticlockwise. Then there is the automatic lubrication, electrical outlets and various anti-freeze systems (a must on a Finnish tractor), the aforementioned ignition with a breathalyzer and interiors of all types and colours. Because your tractor, as well as being a work tool, can also be an emotion.

Serilli Alessandro (contractor) - also bought Valtra to work with the TwinTrac reverse guide.

Azienda Agricola Frulli Sergio - also owns a Valtra T202 Direct and N141 HiTech.