A Valtra T254 Active for a virtuoso on the joysticks

A Valtra T254 Active for a virtuoso on the joysticks

Markus Voraberger from Rottenbach in Upper Austria recently purchased a Valtra T254 Active. He’s well known in the forest industry as the third entrepreneur in the district of Grieskirchen to start wood chipping in 1996. Mr. Voraberger is active in the production of wood chips and in trading, as well as being a passionate farmer and lumberjack.

Markus Voraberger explains: “I started working in the forest when I was only 14 years old. With my first earnings, I bought a chainsaw and immediately after that, a cable winch. I just love being in the forest. Forestry work is precisely my dream job. That’s why I started a timber harvesting business at 21, then thought I had to start doing something that nobody else was doing, and that was chipping.”

It wasn’t long before he was drawn to Valtra. His first tractor was a Valmet 8950, which was fairly small in size, fast and had the perfect swivel seat, says Mr. Voraberger, who works with two joysticks and several foot switches simultaneously while also talking on the phone – making him a true virtuoso on the joysticks!

The Valtra T254 Active is already his sixteenth Valtra! The 250 HP tractor isn’t the biggest chipping machine.

“But I chose it because the tractor suits my customer structure and because the chipping time and the transport options fit together well. The transport time remains the same but the invoiceable time is less, so combining the Valtra T254 Active with the Eschlböck Biber 80 is the optimal setup,” says Mr. Voraberger.

In our interview, he also told us: “For my needs, the Valtra is just perfect. It’s superbly suited for forestry work and therefore meets the needs of my operation to a T. The extra charge for the reverse drive is minimal, it comes factory-installed and is very simple to use.”

Valtra is proud to have loyal customers like the Voraberger company to which it is grateful for many years of support.