New smart display is easy to read

One of the most visible new features on 5th generation N and T Series tractors is the new display on the A pillar, where all the important information can be easily seen on the colour screen.

The new smart display replaces the traditional instrument panel behind the steering wheel. At the same time, the entire front section of the cab has been completely redesigned.

The top of the display screen always displays default information, such as the driving speed, engine speed and time. Below that, the driver can select information for controlling the tractor and implement in the desired format, as well as any other information that is needed at any given time.

The same display can also be used on HiTech and Active models to make all engine, hydraulics and transmission settings. The screen displays the settings and gears clearly, making it easy to optimise the performance of the tractor.

  1. The brightness of the screen adjusts according to the light and can be dimmed altogether at night with the exception of key information.
  2. The LCD screen at the top of the display unit displays speeds, temperatures, fluid levels and the time.
  3. The LED screens at the centre and bottom display indicator and warning lights.
  4. The large TFT screen in the middle displays key tractor and implement functions in the format selected by the driver.
  5. The new smart display unit is operated by the easy-to-use controller on the right of the steering column.