New S is the first sixth generation Valtra

The S Series is Valtra’s first tractor series to enter the sixth generation. The Valtra factory in Suolahti, Finland, has been modernised to allow the new S Series to be built on the same assembly line as other tractor models. The new S can also be fully equipped and customised according to the customer’s wishes at the Suolahti factory and the Unlimited Studio.

Valtra’s biggest tractor, the S Series, has been the flagship and pioneer of the entire model range. The new model series now progresses no less than two leaps at once, as it jumps from the fourth generation directly to the sixth generation. In fact, the S Series is the first model series to enter the sixth generation.

“The S Series powertrain is the best on the market thanks to its AGCO Power 8.4-litre engine and AGCO’s continuously variable ML260 transmission. The cab is closely related to the modern and highly praised cab on the Q Series. The S Series also features the completely new look of the sixth generation,” says Aapo Aijasaho, Manager, Retail, Product Marketing and Services.

The sixth generation S Series is sold by carefully selected and trained Valtra dealers who can provide operator training, technical support, spare parts and service. Sixth generation Valtras feature a new design, intelligent services and precision farming readiness in an easy-to-use package.

The new S Series completes the Valtra model range and expands it into an even higher power class. Valtra F, A, G, N, T, S, Q and S Series tractors now cover the entire power range from 75 to 420 horsepower. The power outputs of the different model series overlap a little, in addition to which the most popular power classes offer several different transmission options.

Most powerful Valtra ever

The S416 is the most powerful Valtra tractor ever. It offers 420 horsepower and 1750 newton metres of torque in all conditions, regardless of boost. The smallest model in the range, the S286, offers 280 horsepower and 1250 newton metres of torque and 310 horsepower and 1400 newton metres of torque with boost.

“The engine is based on the reliable AGCO Power 8.4 litre, but the entire intake side has been redesigned, making it possible to omit exhaust gas recirculation while at the same time slightly increasing both power and torque. The engine is a so-called low-rev unit, meaning the tractor gets high torque and power through the powertrain even at low engine speeds, which improves the fuel economy and operating costs of the large tractor,” says Aijasaho.

The stylish design of the 6G engine cover optimises airflow past the cab, and the upper air intake guarantees clean air for the engine. In addition to LED headlights, the completely new lights in the engine cover include LED daytime running lights and LED work lights.

AGCO’s stepless ML260 transmission is also familiar from the previous S Series. You can set off in any gear range from a complete standstill even with a heavy load. Gearbox and hydraulic oils are separate. More than 250,000 units of the legendary transmission have already been produced.

The new S Series was unveiled in metallic brown.

All precision farming technologies

Tractors producing around 300 to 400 horsepower are used for both contracting and an extremely broad range of professional farming tasks. Various precision farming technologies are a matter of course in tractors of this size.

“Automated steering, variable rate control, ISOBUS control, section control, SmartTurn automatic headland turning, Auto U-Pilot, compatibility with cultivation planning software... Without listing more, we can say that the S Series has all the necessary precision farming features. Depending on the country, many of these features may already be standard equipment.”

Productivity comes from a combination of all these features: a strong powertrain, precision farming technologies and comfort.

The 6 th generation styling can be seen especially in the design of the engine cover.

User experience is the key

The most important aspect is that the driver is comfortable and can use the tractor efficiently. Although external conditions vary, the driver of the S Series always has perfect conditions, whether in the heat or cold, on uneven surfaces or in the dark.

With the new cab, visibility and comfort have been further improved. Completely new headlights have been integrated into the new engine cover. The cab also has excellent work lights, upper headlights and waist lights.

“The air conditioning has been improved significantly. For cold winter conditions, the cab now also has a lower heating device familiar from other Valtra models. The front suspension is hydraulic, and the cab features AutoComfort air suspension. An optional SkyView cab is available, which provides excellent visibility behind and up, for example when chipping. Customers who are interested in chipping should also note that the largest model now has a full 420 horsepower available through the PTO alone. The TwinTrac reverse drive system and polycarbonate glass are also available as options on the new S Series.”

The S Series is available with the TwinTrac reverse-drive system, and Power Boost provides fullpower to the PTO also on the biggest models.

International model series

Valtra’s sixth generation S Series will be sold not only in Europe, but also in Australia and Brazil, for example. As with the Q Series, these tractors manufactured in Suolahti will be increasingly exported to other continents. International interest in the Q Series has already been very strong. •


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Model Standard Boost
Valtra hp Nm hp Nm
S286 280 1250 310 1400
S316 310 1350 340 1500
S346 340 1500 370 1600
S376 370 1550 400 1700
S396 400 1700 420 1750
S416 420 1750 420 1750