Option packages help you tailor your tractor

Choosing from millions of different options is nice – but it can also be difficult. For decades, Valtra has been offering its customers the chance to tailor tractors according to their individual needs and preferences, including even the colour. There are dozens and even hundreds of different accessories and options to choose from, and they all add up to millions of different combinations.

But how does one make the right choices from such a long list of equipment? If I tick that option, how will it affect the other equipment? Am I forgetting any essential equipment? And should I choose a particular accessory not because I need it myself but because it may affect the resale value of the tractor?

Valtra and our dealers have decided to do something to help customers specify their tractors. While customers still have complete freedom of choice, they can now start with a suitable option package.


The basic level requires no explanation and should not really be considered a package at all. Tractors with basic specifications are suitable for a wide range of tasks without being equipped for any one specific task.


Depending on the tractor model and country, the Comfort package may include specifications such as cab suspension, additional working lights, a better driver’s seat, front axle suspension and a more advanced SmartTouch armrest. This option package takes user comfort to a completely new level compared to tractors with basic specifications.


The Technology package includes everything in the Comfort package plus precision farming features, such as Valtra Guide automated steering, ISOBUS implement management and, depending on the model, even ASR automatic slip regulation. In addition to providing higher levels of comfort, the Technology package enables the use of advanced ISOBUS implements and automated steering. These features may prove to be decisive in the future when eventually looking for a new owner for the tractor.

Technology Pro

The Technology Pro package includes everything in the Comfort and Technology packages plus even more features, such as the Wayline Assistant with automated steering, Task Doc Pro task management, a SmartTouch Extend auxiliary display and a precision farming feature selected by the customer. The Technology Pro package enables the highest level of precision farming, which saves production inputs, time and fuel.

It is important to point out that these option packages do not in any way limit the customer’s selection of other options and accessories. For example, tractors with the Comfort or Technology package can be specified with the customer’s choice of front loader. In addition to the factory-fitted option package, tractors can be further tailored in the Unlimited Studio with any features that comply with legal requirements and the laws of physics. The sky really is the limit at the Unlimited Studio, which is located at the Valtra factory after the main assembly line.

Best of all, Valtra’s new option packages are less expensive than ordering the same equipment separately. Depending on the tractor model and specifications, customers can save up to thousands of euros with a ready-made option package.

The packages have been designed and prepared at the factory, so they are easy to install and familiar to dealers and service technicians. In addition, the delivery time for a tractor with a standardised option package is often shorter than for a fully tailored one. In fact, it is even possible that a suitable tractor can even be found already in stock at a dealer or importer. Now really is the right time to ask for a quote on a tractor that is perfectly suited to your needs!