Story behind the G Series tractor

Our customers asked for the Best Loader Tractor in the world – this is it!

The traditional farmyard loader tractor has typically been quite basic: 4 wheels and a front loader that can go up and down. Many will still remember those times when even a cab was optional!

Valtra has always worked closely with our customers; we often put on our wellingtons and get out there to “talk tractors” with the guys and girls who get to use them every day.

One request was heard again and again: Why can’t we have “big tractor features” in lower hp tractors?

All customers were asking for “Comfort” – features such as front axle suspension, cab suspension and of course comfortable seats! We added a spacious cab, with well laid out controls. But comfort doesn’t stop there. Nobody likes to bend their neck when loading the final layer of hay bales. G Series has an optional high visibility roof window.

Many operators we spoke to had used Valtra’s Front Loader Live3 function on larger tractors. They liked the additional control and increase in work speed that this feature brought, especially when working with silage grabs and bale handlers. So we decided to bring this feature to all specification levels of G Series. This Live3 feature takes the front loader operating experience from “Excellent” to “Incredible”. Many customers now wonder how they ever managed to live without it!

Some customers wanted even more from their smaller tractors – so we added the high specification Versu option to the model list, complete with the multi-award winning SmartTouch integrated tractor terminal. This brings the ultimate in “easy to use” technology, and means we can offer a full suite of Precision Farming features: Valtra Guide, Section Control, Variable Rate Control and u-pilot headland management are now all possible on this plucky little tractor. You might not need those features today, but not sure about tomorrow? No problem, Precision Farming features can be added later and “flashed” in to your tractor operating software.

SmartTouch also brings the possibility for each driver to set up their own user profile, so it perfectly suits the way they use the tractor. Quite a welcome feature for larger farms, where multiple operators might be jumping in and out of the same tractor, during the course of a working week.

Our customers wanted this tractor to “move and manoeuvre”, often in tight spaces such as barns or farmyards. We kept the wheel base short and made sure that the front end design was optimised to maximise turning circle.

Load sensing hydraulics have been commonplace on large tractors for a long time. They’re popular for a reason and are offered as standard on Active and Versu tractors. Open Centre is still possible on more traditional HiTech models.