The best tractor in the 100-155 horsepower range

There are many things to consider when choosing a tractor. The correct power output for the tasks at hand is a good starting point. However, with a wide range of models available, it is important to consider factors such as transmission type, hydraulic capacity, technology level, and comfort. In this blog we take you through some of the models Valtra has around the 100 to 150 hp mark to help you choose the best 100-150 hp tractor for your needs. 

Valtra A Series tractors

Best for everyday farming where compact size and agility are needed - 105 to 135 hp tractors

The A Series by Valtra is an agile, compact tractor available in 7 models. The A105, A115, A125, and A135 all have a Stage V compliant 4-cylinder engine with a max power output of between 105 and 135 hp (78-100 kW). The A105 and A115 are available with a medium-sized chassis (2430 mm wheelbase), while the A125 and A135 come with a larger chassis (2500 mm wheelbase).  All four of the larger hp A Series models are available with a mechanical transmission, offering 12 forward and 12 reverse gears operated by the Valtra power shuttle lever. The medium-sized chassis models are also available as HiTech 4 models. These have electronically controlled transmissions. All models come with four-wheel drive and autotraction as standard.

The A Series is the ‘small giant that saves the day’. The 4.4 litre AGCO engine is powerful enough to handle daily farm work, yet compact enough to allow for the stylish sloped bonnet. This, combined with the comparatively large window area, maximise working visibility – making the A Series a perfect tractor for front loader work where manoeuvrability is essential. If you’re looking for an easy to use smaller tractor that is great for front loader work, and don’t need Smart Farming capabilities, The A Series is a great choice. 

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Best entry level Smart Farming tractor and reliable front loader - 100 to 140 hp tractors

The Valtra G Series offers the perfect balance of size and functionality. All models feature the same compact AGCO 4-cylinder 4.4 litre engine as in the A Series A105 to A135 models. This enables the G Series to have an aggressively sloping bonnet, which when considered with the total 5.7m2 of glass gives great visibility for front loader work. The G Series comes in three variants, including HiTech, Active, and Versu. HiTech and Active models come with the Valtra Armrest offering easy-to-use powershift and front loader control. G Series Active and Versu models come with load-sensing hydraulics and with the option to manage Precision Farming tasks with Valtra Guide. Versu models also come with the revolutionary SmartTouch user interface, opening up a world of Smart Farming possibilities.

Valtra G Series Tractors

The G Series is a stylish, yet practical, tractor that has won many awards. If you need a relatively compact tractor that can handle Smart Farming tasks and is a great all-rounder the G Series offers the perfect mix of intelligence, size, and functionality.    

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Best tractor for power, versatility, and comfort - 135 to 155 hp tractors

The N Series is the largest Valtra tractor in this horsepower range. It is available in three hp outputs, N135 N155e, and N175. The N Series is a powerful working machine. The 4.9 Litre AGCO engine has the exact displacement needed for this power output category. It is powerful enough to handle any farming tasks, yet still compact enough to handle any job.  The N Series is available in four transmission variants: HiTech, Active, Versu, and Direct. All four models come with Valtra’s innovative A Pilar display that places engine and transmission information at eye level, allowing for better forward visibility. Versu and Direct models also come with the acclaimed and easy-to-use Valtra SmartTouch user interface. The N Series is also available with factory fitted TwinTrac reverse drive. TwinTrac really revolutionises the way of working and offers the best possible visibility of the implement while also saving the driver’s back, time, and money. With a top speed of 50 kph, the N Series is also a good choice for road transport and logistics.  

Valtra N Series Tractors

The powerful, yet compact N Series is the agile workhorse of the Valtra family. The larger engine size, full Smart Farming technology offering, and robust construction with high payload make the N Series the most versatile tractor in this horsepower range. If you need a powerful 4-cylinder tractor that is capable of handling any Smart Farming task, and want to reap the benefits of TwinTrac, then the N Series is your working machine. 

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Choosing a tractor in the 100 to 150 horsepower range

If you are looking for a compact, agile, dependable front loader tractor that is able to manoeuvre in and out of the barn, and don’t need Smart Farming technology, then the A Series is perfect for you. However, if you need more versatility, have heavier and more sophisticated implements and require Smart Farming capabilities; the compact yet powerful G Series is probably the best multipurpose tractor on the market. If you need a powerful and versatile tractor that can handle any job you throw at it, then the N Series is the agile workhorse that will get the job done.

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