The Best Tractors in 2024 up to 400 HP

A wave of new tractors has hit the market in the last couple of years. Whether you’re a farmer looking to replace your higher horsepower tractor, or an agricultural contractor looking to renew several machines in your fleet, this blog will help you decide where to invest. In this blog, we take a look at the two latest six-cylinder tractors from Valtra. 

What to look for in a 200-400 hp tractor

Sure, power is the first consideration when choosing a new tractor. Assuming the tractor will be used for field work with big implements on large arable farms or co-operatives, a six-cylinder tractor over 200 hp is the natural choice. However, cost, driver comfort, smart farming technology, fuel efficiency, and manoeuvrability are all important factors when thinking about which tractor to invest your hard-earned cash. Below are some of the main points that should be taken into consideration.

1. At the end of the day, total cost of ownership is the only cost that matters.

The price you pay for the tractor doesn’t always reflect how much it will cost to own and run the machine over the time you use it. Unexpected downtime can end up costing a lot in terms of reduced yield, missing peak harvest windows, and wasted labour hours. The cost of ongoing maintenance and servicing also needs to be budgeted for. Luckily, with Connect, Care & Go from Valtra, unscheduled downtime can be effectively prevented, and servicing can be budgeted. The cost of inputs and fuel also impact the cost of using the tractor in the long term. Picking the right machine with the right technology can help minimise fuel and input costs. The Valtra Q Series and S Series both offer great fuel economy and come with the smart farming technology needed to save on time, inputs, and fuel while optimising yields. 

2. Driver comfort – Tractors with the best cabs and the smoothest rides

Long days in the tractor are no fun if it’s baking hot in the summer, freezing cold in the winter, and the ride is worse than a square-wheeled bicycle. A good climate-controlled cab is a must. Both the S Series and Q Series from Valtra come with 12 adjustable air vents that distribute cool clean air evenly around the whole cab (not just your knees!). Aires front axle suspension, good mechanical cab suspension options and the legendary Autocomfort cab suspension option ensure Valtra tractors are among the most comfortable to drive. 

3. Ease of use - The technology that simplifies your operations

Auto guidance, headland management, and connectivity are all basic smart farming features that should come with any new tractor. The larger the farm, and the longer the tractor is in use, the more the owner stands to save. Therefore, it is vital for large farm operators and contractors to make sure you get the most out of your smart farming technology. As well as the level of precision and autonomy, it is important to consider ease of use. All Valtra tractors in the 200-400 hp range come with the industry-leading SmartTouch user interface which enables quick and easy task and driver profile changing. SmartTouch is designed to be as easy to use as your smartphone, with only two taps or swipes needed to get to any setting. Valtra also has some of the easiest-to-use smart farming technologies on the market. Valtra Guide is the easiest GPS tractor auto guidance to use, and Wayline Assistant increases your field efficiency across the whole field including the headlands. 

The best 200-400 hp tractors in 2024

The new 6th generation Valtra S Series – The Boss.

First revealed to the public at Agritechnica in November 2023, the new 6th generation S Series by Valtra has an impressive 8.4 litre AGCO Power engine, and smooth Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT), delivering up to 420 hp. The engine runs cool and clean as there is no exhaust gas recirculation, and, for example, the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) is located in one Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR)/DPF package. This results in less heat load inside the engine bay. Fuel consumption is reduced as heat under the hood isn't pushed toward the windshield which would increase the need for air conditioning and thus more fuel! 

.The new S Series is designed and made in Finland with typically Finnish attention to quality. All 6th generation S Series models are now available with Valtra Unlimited customisation, as well as the popular TwinTrac and SkyView cab options. 

The S Series is available in 6 models from 280 hp to 420 hp. With its 12000 kg base weight, up to 18 ton max gross weight, and 3093 mm wheelbase, the S Series is perfect for working with trailed implements on large farms. Even large, demanding, implements are no problem thanks to its high power output and efficient, reliable hydraulics. Two hydraulic options are available, a 200 litre per minute (l/min) ECO option where peak flow is reached already at 1650 revolutions per minute (r/min), and a 200 l/min + 200 l/min option for working with extremely large oil requirements. 

Valtra Q Series – Works like a Beast. Thinks like a Pro! 

The Valtra Q Series was launched in late 2022, and has attracted a lot of attention in the press and with customers. Already the Q Series has won awards from FARM MACHINE 2023 and Red Dot. Award: Product Design The Q Series is available in 5 models ranging from 230 hp up to 305 hp. The Q Series is compact for a higher horsepower tractor, with a 3050 mm wheelbase and a relatively low own weight of 9200 kg and a max gross weight of 16000 kg. The Q Series has a 6-cylinder, 7.4 litre AGCO Power engine with no exhaust gas recirculation, and like the S Series, a smooth CVT transmission. This power-efficient combination employs our ECOPower concept to deliver consistent torque through 1500 to 1800 r/min and reach maximum power at 1850 r/min. Like the S Series, the Q Series also has the 200 l/min ECO hydraulic pump offering peak flow at 1650 r/min for fuel-efficient hydraulic work. 

Valtra Q Series and S Series side by side

  Valtra Q Series 5th generation Valtra S Series 6th generation
Production location Suolahti, Finland Suolahti, Finland
Engine displacement 7.4 litre  8.4 litre
Power range 230 to 305 hp 280 to 420 hp
Maximum torque with boost 1280 Nm 1750 Nm
Transmission CVT CVT
Front axle suspension

Aires pneumatic front suspension


Cab suspension

Valtra Autocomfort or mechanical

Valtra Autocomfort or mechanical

Service interval

600 hours

500 hours

Transmission oil change

1800 hours

2000 hours

Turning radius

6.7 m

8.2 m

Base weight

9200 kg

12000 kg

Maximum gross weight

16000 kg

16000/18000 kg (40/50 kph)

Weight distribution (front/rear)




3050 mm

3092 mm


3340 mm

3486 mm

Hydraulic flow rate

200 l/min (ECO)

200 l/min (ECO) or 200 l/min + 200 l/min

Max hydraulic flow achieved at

1650 r/min

1650 r/min (ECO)

Front lift capacity

4800 kg

5800 kg

Rear lift capacity

10000 kg

12000 kg

Total window area

6.5 m2

6.5 m2

Front windscreen wiper angle



Side windscreen wiper angle



Reverse drive system

Optional TwinTrac factory-fitted

Optional TwinTrac factory-fitted


Valtra Unlimited – all models

Valtra Unlimited – all models


To test drive either the Valtra Q Series or the Valtra S Series, contact your local dealer here, or request a test drive via the form below.

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