Tractor maintenance is a question of attitude

We all know about the daily inspections that are listed in the owner’s manual, but how many of us actually carry out these inspections? Not many hands go up. Regular service and maintenance nevertheless are hugely important in terms of your tractor’s reliability and resale value. Here are some top tips by our technical professionals for looking after your tractor.

  1. Check oil and fluid levels regularly. Doing so is especially easy on new tractors thanks to the handy inspection windows.
  2. Adjust the tyre pressures for all intended tasks, not just sowing. Tyre pressures affect fuel economy, pulling power and soil compaction.
  3. Pneumatic systems are becoming increasingly common on tractors in response to EU brake regulations. Make the most of these systems and clean the radiator regularly with compressed air. A clean radiator will improve your tractor’s performance and reduce the risk of fire.
  4. Grease all the grease fittings on both your tractor and front loader regularly. On newer tractors, greasing instruc- tions can be found either in the battery box or on the back wall of the cab, depending on the model.
  5. Remember to change the fuel filter and switch to the right type of winter fuel before the cold weather sets in. Neglecting this simple task causes dozens of customers here in the North to have to contact their authorised service dealer each autumn.
  6. Always use low-sulphur fuels in new tractors that comply with the latest emissions norms. Excessive sulphur in the fuel can cause malfunctions in the exhaust aftertreatment system and clog the catalytic converter.
  7. Nykytraktoreissa on paljon sähkölaitteita ja elektroniikkaa. Tarkista akun varaus sekä napojen ja Modern tractors have a lot of elect ri cal equipment and electronics, so check the battery charge and the condition of the terminals and cables regularly.
  8. If the windscreens inside the cab begin to mist up, change the fresh air/recirculation filter, which usually solves the issue.