A free tractor check the key to farming with confidence this season

A free, no obligation, 70+ point Valtra tractor check, carried out by professionally equipped technicians at a Valtra dealership. It’s no wonder 1,000s of farmers have already taken advantage of a SMART Check

SMART Check is designed for hardworking tractors, aged 5 years or above. It’s essentially a pre-season check, giving Valtra owners the information they need to support their best farming decisions.  

There is no obligation with a SMART Check and over 30 % of tractors come away with a clean bill of health, no repairs needed. But what the check does is give tractor owners the assurance they need to plough ahead knowing their machine will perform at its best when they need it most. 

“I would recommend the SMART Check to everyone.”

With some tractors SMART Check does pick up issues that need attention. Owners are alerted to potential repair needs by the full fault and condition report, also free with this comprehensive check. 

Farmers like Andreas Uhl, a Valtra owner, from Germany see the advantage of having potential problems flagged,

“The worst thing would be if the machine breaks down during the harvest... repairs would be even more expensive and larger because other parts would break.”

Controlling cost with SMART Check 

A SMART Check is thorough, taking around 2 hours to complete. Among other things the technician will check oil levels, filter condition, hydraulics and the cooling system.

SMART Check gives a Valtra owner the opportunity to undertake a minor repair that would otherwise have potentially led to a costly, unplanned breakdown. 


Want to get the full picture?

Watch this film for a better idea of the number of checks included. 

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