Spare parts help maintain food production

Spare parts and service play a vital role in maintaining food security and production. Farming and food production cannot be interrupted due to coronavirus, which is why Valtra has taken special care to safeguard the continued availability of spare parts and service.

Already in the early stages of the pandemic, Valtra’s central warehouse in Suolahti switched to two shifts in such a way that personnel do not come into contact with each other between shifts. This ensures that if an employee in one shift catches the virus and the other employees in the same shift have to go into quarantine, the second shift could still continue delivering spare parts to customers.

The spare parts centre has been very carefully isolated from the outside world. Visitors are not allowed, including from within Valtra and even from the spare parts and service offices, and the doors between the offices and the warehouse have been kept locked. Deliveries are unloaded and left at the loading bay, from where they are picked up by warehouse personnel.

Spare parts personnel are working in two shifts without coming into contact with each other between shifts. These measures are designed to prevent the spread of coronavirus to other employees while ensuring the continued availability of spare parts.

Everyone working at the spare parts centre must wear gloves at all times and maintain a safe distance between each other. Meal times have also been staggered to prevent warehouse personnel from coming into contact with other Valtra employees.

Customers requiring sales, service and spare parts assistance have been served by phone and e-mail. Spare parts have also been sent more often than usual by post or courier directly to customers. In addition, dealerships are being kept extra clean, and customers are served one at a time and from a safe distance. As a rule, outsiders have not been allowed into tractor service areas.

Valtra dealers are serving customers one at a time and keeping a safe distance between people.