Auto steering gets updated

The Valtra Guide auto steering system has been fully updated this autumn. Whereas previously the operator had to switch between map screens and settings, now the settings appear in the map screen. The settings can be displayed using the icons on the sides of the screen or by tapping the screen once. This makes it possible to change or check all settings without having to exit the map screen. Selecting fields and creating waylines has also been made simpler. Waylines, obstructions and entries are retained in the memory for future tasks.

The new Valtra Guide is installed at authorised service dealers during regular maintenance as part of the SmartTouch software update on all tractors equipped with auto steering.

The update also enables many other new features in the future. For example, the ISOBUS AUX driver makes it possible to programme the functions of ISOBUS-compatible implements on indivi­dual buttons or switches, so the Valtra Guide map screen does not have to be exited even when controlling implements.

  • The brand-new Valtra Guide replaces the Auto-Guide automated steering system
  • No need to switch back and forth between screens anymore
  • One tap replaces two taps and a swipe
  • Many new features available in the future
  • Same logic as before, but now even simpler