Geo-Bird app makes it easy to generate optimised waylines

Geo-Bird is a new app that uses artificial intelligence to generate the most efficient waylines on any field. Geo-Bird works online and is completely free of charge. Users who register can save their field plans and waylines in the system, but it is also possible to use the app without registering; in this case, the field plans and waylines must be used immediately. The optimised waylines generated by Geo-Bird can be used on all tractors and machines with a terminal that uses standard file formats.

“Using Geo-Bird, farmers can draw the borders of a field or import them from their crop planning software. Geo-Bird’s artificial intelligence then calculates in just a couple of seconds the three most efficient options for waylines. The optimised waylines can be compared according to different criteria, such as the number of headland turns, distance driven, overlap created on the headland, compaction of the field and total time. The farmer can then select the one they prefer or create their own A-B wayline. Once the best wayline has been found, it can be transferred to the tractor on a USB stick, and in the future also wirelessly,” says Johan Grotell, Product Specialist at Valtra.

The results from Geo-Bird may surprise farmers even on familiar fields, revealing more efficient waylines than the ones they have traditionally used. Geo-Bird also facilitates Controlled Traffic Farming based on using the same waylines every year in order to prevent damage to the soil .•

Geo-Bird can be used free of charge at

Geo-Bird’s artificial intelligence plans the most efficient waylines for free. The results can also be used in machines other than Valtra tractors.