Many new features introduced on the A Series

Two years after the 4th generation A Series was launched, Valtra has introduced a host of new features in response to customer feedback. As a result, the A Series is now even more versatile, powerful and comfort­able tool for handling a wide range of tasks.

The biggest change is the option of a Powershift transmission on A104 and A114 models. The 16+16R transmission has four ranges, each with four Powershift gears. As a result, six gears are now available for field speeds of 4 to 12 km/h. The transmission can also be operated ergonomically with the right hand using rocker switches. For the most part, the clutch pedal only has to be used when setting off or for precise manoeuvring, for example when attaching implements.

In addition to the new HiTech 4 transmission, other options include the traditional 12+12R transmission and the 24+24R version with creeper gears.

The transmission is easy to use thanks to the ergonomic lever and rocker switches.

A “super creeper” 32+32R version of the new HiTech 4 transmission is also available, enabling work speeds as slow as 100 metres per hour.

More performance

The latest A Series makes it possible to get more done in the same amount of time.

The A104 and A114 HiTech 4 models are powered by 4.4-litre AGCO Power AWFC engines producing 100 and 110 horsepower. These engines comply with Stage IV emissions standards using SCR technology that reduces fuel and maintenance costs.

Front PTO and a front linkage can now be fitted to all A104 and A114 models at the Unlimited Studio at the Valtra plant in Suolahti, Finland. The addition of front PTO and a front linkage open up brand new opportunities for the A Series, including the use of front mowers, which is popular in many countries.

The new A Series can be fitted with a front linkage or front PTO at the Unlimited Studio.

More comfort

The latest A Series also offers more comfort.

HiTech 4 models can be specified with mechanical cab suspension, which uses double Panhard rods to stabilise the cab.

The mechanical cab suspension is adjustable and uses double Panhard rods to stabilise the cab.

A new instrument cluster inside the cab also enhances the work experience. The digital display lets the operator select what information to display, and the bright screen can be read easily even in strong sunlight.

The new instrument panel is clearly laid out, and the screen is visible even in strong sunlight.

The electronic control system for the front loader on HiTech 4 models is also new and easier to use. It now features a floating position for tilting implements. The front loader, Soft-Drive and hydraulic coupling can all be activated using the controls on the driver’s armrest.

The front loader controls on HiTech 4 models makes loading fast and easy.

Available now

The new A Series models are available immediately. Series production of the A104 and A114 HiTech 4 models began at the same time that they were unveiled for the first time at the LAMMA 2019 Agricultural & Machinery Show in the UK on 8 January. Demo tractors should be available at dealers in all Valtra markets this spring and summer.

Valtra A Series
Model Engine Power (hp) Power (kW) Torque (Nm)
A104 44 AWFC 100 75 410
A114 44 AWFC 110 82 417
Transmission options
12+12R 16+16R
24+24R creeper transmission 32+32R creeper transmission

A Series HiTech 4 models win Machine of the Year prize in under-150-horsepower category.

New features also on the N, T and Series

In addition to the new A Series Powershift models, Valtra has also introduced a wide range of new features on S, T and N Series tractors.

The latest versions of the T and N Series can be identified most easily by their exhaust pipes, which have been changed to comply with the latest Stage V emissions standards. The new exhaust pipes are narrower and allow better visibility from the cab.

The latest version of the S Series in turn now has the same tail lights as Valtra’s other model series. Shaped like an ice hockey stick, the new LED tail lights have been a characteristic feature on new Valtra tractors since the introduction of the T4 in 2014. Access to the cab has also been made easier. The S Series was originally available only in red and later also in black. The new S Series is now available in red, black or white.

More intelligence

SmartTouch models in the N, T and S Series can now be specified with a second terminal in addition to the armrest display. The additional terminal can be used for ISOBUS implements or an external camera. HiTech and Active models in N and T Series tractors with Stage V engines can also be specified with an additional terminal that can be used for precision farming features, such as AutoGuide automated steering and ISOBUS implement control.

The easy-to-use and flexible SmartTouch armrest has proven to be extremely popular. In addition, around 40 percent of tractors with SmartTouch armrests are also ordered with AutoGuide automated steering direct from the factory.

Precision farming features are being made available for both existing and new tractors, as tractors specified with the SmartTouch user interface enable the use of both Variable Rate Contol and TaskDoc. These tractors can already use the Section Control feature to automatically control implements across their entire width.